Hurricane Irma: 8 Things Every Burger Should Know

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Hurricane Irma is HUGE!

Irma is reported to be nearly 400 miles wide while the state of Florida is around 160 miles wide at its most distant points. At 185mph winds, it It is currently the second strongest Atlantic Hurricane on record since Allen in 1980 meaning, if it crosses anywhere in Florida, we’re likely to feel it in St. Pete no matter what.

Patio Furniture Can Cause Major Damage
Floridians love the outdoors, but with winds at 185mph, patio furniture can be dangerous and must come inside. Equally, with storm surges, it’s suggested that you take any important documentation and paperwork with you.


People are Already Evacuating
While Irma may not reach Florida till Monday, residents of the Keys have been told “you cannot afford to stay,” while Miami is preparing for the first evacuation in 12 years, impacting Miami Beach and much of the mainland coast. We need to be ready, too.

What’s the Difference between a “Watch” and a “Warning”
According to NOAA, warnings indicate that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected somewhere within the specified area. This is the point at which you should make preparations and listen closely to instructions from local officials. During a hurricane warning, complete storm preparations and immediately leave the threatened area if directed by local officials.

Storm Surge Could Be Significant
Experts say, depending on path, storm surge could be 7-11 feet, threatening the entire Pinellas coast as well as inland. Visit the Pinellas County site to know your zone.

Stores are Trying to Restock
There’s been much talk about how many stores are already out of water and basic supplies. This morning, The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that “the region’s supermarkets and retailers are mobilizing supplies into the state in anticipation of a storm not expected to make landfall until Monday.” Wal-Mart, for example, has dispatched 800 trucks to the state with supplies of water while Lowes and Home Depot store managers say there should be no shortages of supplies in the coming days.

Pets Matter Too
Nearly 10 million cats and dogs are lost each year. Only 22% of dogs, and less than 2% of cats that wind up in shelters are reunited with their family. The Burg is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country; Here’s our guide to make sure your entire family is safe.

Hurricane Guide
For detailed info, read I Love the Burg’s complete hurricane guide.

Written by Brian Bailey

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