Hospitality and Service Industry Nights and Discounts in The Burg

Hospitality and Service Industry Nights and Discounts in The Burg


St. Pete restaurants and bars are good to their hospitality and service industry workers. This is the list of where to find discounts and specials for some of the Burg’s hardest workers.



One of the most enjoyable things about bartending is the satisfaction that comes from helping a guest find a drink they love. After all, that’s the whole idea of the gig. That said, one of the best feelings you have as a bartender comes when your shift is over, and instead of pouring drinks for others, you can sit down and let someone else pour a drink a for you. And thanks to the plethora of hospitality and service industry specials at restaurants around town, there’s no lack of great places to do just that in the Burg.


The stellar culinary and nightlife scene is a huge part of what makes St. Pete so special, and it’s the servers, chefs, bartenders, barbacks, hosts, line cooks, managers and more who put in the long hours behind the scenes to keep the good times rolling every day. Luckily, St. Pete takes care of its own, and the city is full of special nights and discounts for service and hospitality workers.



So, if you’re tired of pouring drinks for guests and now ready to have one (or three) for yourself, then it’s time to find the good deals and get the night started. You work hard for the money. Make it count.


And even if you’re not feeling like a drink, many of the service industry nights around town offer discounts on food, as well, so you can get that cheat meal in for half the price. All businesses offering hospitality specials require proof of employment, and businesses listed here are not guaranteed to honor discounts.


Given that hospitality workers are busiest on weekends, most of these specials run on slower days when those in the industry are more likely to be off work and able to take advantage.


If you have a business missing from this list (or if your business no longer offers service night deals) please let us know so we can add yours.



Here’s where to find The Burg’s Best Deals:


Everyday specials:


  • Angelo’s – All beers $2-4, $2.75 wells and $3.50 house wines
  • Enigma – 25% off after midnight
  • Pizza Box – 20% off a single pizza
  • Saigon Blonde – 25% off entire tab
  • St. Pete Brewing Co. – 50% off drafts
  • The Bier Boutique – 25% off lunch bill M-F 11 am – 3:30 pm
  • The Galley – 25% off drinks after midnight
  • Tryst – 25% off drinks
  • Whiskey Exchange – 25% off select drinks and tapas Su-Th after midnight


Sunday specials


  • Baba on Central – 50% off entire tab 11 am – 3 pm, 5-9 pm
  • Copper Shaker – 25% off entire tab
  • Ferg’s – 50% off appetizers, drink specials, after 7 pm
  • Intermezzo – 30% off drinks
  • One Night Stand – 50% off after 8 pm
  • Park and Rec – 50% off entire tab after 5pm
  • The Avenue – 50% off entire tab after 5pm
  • The Galley – 25% off entire tab
  • The Lure – 50% off entire tab after 4 pm
  • The Saint – 50% off drinks
  • Thirsty First – 50% off entire tab after 5 pm
  • Monday specials



  • Bavaro’s – 25% off entire tab
  • Birchwood/The Canopy – 50% off entire tab
  • Blue Goose – 25% off after 9 pm
  • Cassis – 40% off entire tab
  • Casual Clam – 50% off entire tab
  • Copper Shaker – 25% off entire tab
  • Ferg’s – 50% off appetizers after 7 pm
  • Flute and Dram – 50% off entire tab
  • The Galley – 25% off Monday Brunch until 4 pm
  • Il Ritorno – 50% off food for you and one guest
  • Mary Margaret’s Irish Pub – 50% off entire tab after 4 pm
  • Nueva Cantina – 50% off drinks, 30% off food
  • One Night Stand – 50% off entire tab after 8 pm
  • Paul’s Landing – 20% off entire tab
  • Pour Judgement – 50% off entire tab after 9 pm
  • Tap House 61 – 50% off drafts, two-for-one wells after 4 pm
  • The Big Catch – 50% off entire tab
  • Tryst – 40% off entire tab


Tuesday specials


  • Blue Goose – 25% off after 9 pm
  • Brick and Mortar – 25% off entire tab
  • Dog Bar – 25% off entire tab
  • Left Bank Bistro – 40% off entire tab
  • Ruby’s Elixir – 25% off after 9 pm
  • Swingers – 50% off entire tab
  • The Saint – 25% off drinks after 7 pm


Wednesday specials


  • Flatbread and Butter – 50% off entire tab
  • Fresco’s – 25% off entire tab
  • Green Bench Brewing – 50% off entire tab
  • No Vacancy – 50% off after 7pm
  • The Landing – 50% off entire tab

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