Hogg Batch Coffee + Bourbon sets up production facility in the Grand Central District

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St. Pete is for coffee lovers. It’s also a savory hub for those who love to indulge in a bit of bourbon. One coffee shop, owned by twin brothers Duane and David Hogg, is barrel aging its coffee to give its roast a boozy flavor. Time to experience Hogg Batch.

The brothers began the concept several years ago on a stovetop with a cast iron skillet and a popcorn popper, sourcing their greens from home roasting supplier Sweet Maria’s, according to a profile in Daily Coffee News

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Today, Hogg Batch has grown both in production and in popularity.

“Coffee + Bourbon represents two things that fuel our passions and cultivate the community around us,” write the owners on the Hogg Batch website. “Through the Art of experimentation, we are able to create coffee with a delightful surprise to wake up your daily routine.”

Hogg Batch has just set production roots in the Grand Central District in at 2327 Central Avenue.

For now, the site isn’t open to the public, but we’re happy to see this celebrated locally-owned business set up shop in one of the most bustling neighborhoods in the city. While you can’t go inside, you can of course purchase any of Hogg Batch’s roasts on their website.

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So, what’s on the menu?

Coffee + Whiskey brew. This limited release barrel-aged coffee features an organic single origin coffee from Honduras paired with the warm, sweet notes from a fresh dumped Templeton 6 Year Old Rye Whiskey barrel.

“You will get whiskey on the nose and tongue, syrupy sweet burnt sugar, milk chocolate and subtle cherry notes,” writes the Hogg brothers on their website.

Another limited release up for order right now is the Coffee + Bourbon brew. This limited release barrel-aged coffee features a blend of single origin coffees from Uganda, Guatemala and Ethiopia paired with the warm notes from a fresh dumped Jim Beam Bourbon barrel. You will get bourbon on the nose with chocolate, graham cracker, spice and oak notes in the cup.

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There’s even a coffee and gin mix. This limited release barrel-aged coffee features a single origin coffee from Ethiopia paired with the aromatic notes from a fresh dumped Tom Cat Gin barrel. You will get gin and juniper on the nose and floral, jasmine, and citrus notes in the cup.

Visit Hogg Batch’s website to see all of their brews.

Written by Andrew Harlan

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