Here’s how to shop at St. Pete’s eco-friendly store, The Refillery

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UPDATE 3/30/20: The Refillery is still open, and offering take-and-make DIY kits, curbside delivery/fill ups, and more.

The nearly zero waste shop is open Monday-Saturday, just for a limited time each day. To make sure someone at The Refillery is ready to assist you, just call before you arrive at 727-202-7120. They’re offering curbside delivery and refills.

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So you want to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on plastic waste, and live an overall more eco-friendly life. Where to begin? You can start at The Refillery, St. Petersburg’s eco-friendly shop.

The store features a variety of toiletries and cleaning products such as laundry detergents and dish soaps. Bring your own containers, and fill up as needed. You can also purchase containers at the store if you don’t happen to have your own.

There’s also a box of donated empty containers at the front of the store available for any customer for free.

Customers are also advised to bring their own bags to carry out.

Introducing the eco-friendly DIY Bar

The Refillery features a full DIY Bar where you can purchase items like Epsom Salt, Beeswax Pellets, Shea Nut Butter, Cocoa Butter, Rose Water, and Sweet Almond Oil.

A book of recipes is available at the DIY bar as well to guide you through the process.

Molly’s Suds, a concept from the owner of The Refillery, is well represented at the store. The locally owned concept offers athletic detergent, all purpose cleaners, sink scrubs and more.

We’ve partnered with the eco-friendly, near zero waste store for special Molly’s Suds bundles. The bundles include Kitchen Essentials; DIY Essentials; and Laundry Essentials. Follow the links to see what’s included in each, and to purchase your own!

Here’s how the shopping process goes.

How to shop at The Refillery 

Bring your empty containers or purchase some of the store’s to refill your products. Before you begin shopping, you’ll weigh the containers at the front of the store.

Refill your products, shop, and learn more about how to reduce your waste. When you’re ready to check out, meet a Refillery associate at the desk to weigh your contents and pay.

Weigh your containers when you’re done shopping

You only pay for the weight of the product inside your containers, and not for the weight of your containers — hence why you weigh them BEFORE you start shopping.

We’ve partnered with the eco-friendly, near-zero waste store for special Molly’s Suds bundles. The bundles include Kitchen Essentials; DIY Essentials; and Laundry Essentials.

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