Heavy’s Food Truck opens its highly anticipated restaurant

Heavy’s Food Truck opens its highly anticipated restaurant

The logo and a to-go box food
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A cult favorite for years, Heavy’s food truck officially opened the doors on its first brick-and-mortar restaurant today in St. Pete. Located on The Deuces at 911 22nd Street South, the soul food restaurant has been in the works for nearly a year and ownership expressed tremendous excitement to finally open to the public.

The premise of Heavy’s is to provide the best possible food that won’t leave your stomach or your wallet empty. They want to fill you up in an affordable fashion. The blue-plate-to-go style menu has huge plates with a variety of hot meats, delectable sides and crumbly cornbread. Highlights include fried pork chops, chitterlings, oxtail, shrimp, turkey wings and oven baked BBQ chicken.

Doubling down on the down-home comfort food, every meal at Heavy’s comes with three sides. Options for sides range from rice, yams and mashed potatoes to collard greens, potato salad and mac and cheese. Make sure to save room for dessert, too, as Heavy’s makes incredible cakes, cobblers and banana pudding.

The restaurant includes a dining room for dine-in eating

While Heavy’s has been considered more of a to-go option as a food truck, the new restaurant has a full dining room where guests can sit and enjoy their meal (and wait out the food coma). The food truck and catering service has been wildly popular among those who have discovered Heavy’s over the years, and now diners will be able to dig in as soon as the food is in their hands.


“We’re the best soul food in the Tampa Bay area,” the website reads. “Offering up some of the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted with a side dish of down-home hospitality, Heavy’s Food Truck is the mobile soul food extravaganza you just can’t miss.”

And now, diners can find it in the same place every day.

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