HaleLife Bakery to open first gluten-free and vegan bistro

HaleLife Bakery to open first gluten-free and vegan bistro

Renderings of the bistro, and a brownie
Photos courtesy HaleLife Bakery

More gluten-free and vegan dining options are coming soon to the area. Tampa Bay’s beloved HaleLife Bakery announced that it will be opening HaleLife Bistro this summer, what they are touting as the first gluten-free and vegan bistro in Tampa Bay.

In addition to their popular baked goods, the bistro is expected to have a full dining menu of gluten-free and vegan dishes. Additionally, HaleLife said in the announcement that the new concept will also have gluten-free alcohol for guests to enjoy.


HaleLife currently has three bakery locations, one each in Clearwater, Tampa and downtown St. Pete, and this is their first foray into a full restaurant. Renderings of the bistro show a full buildout with an expansive dining room and seating area. The announcement didn’t go so far as to share the address, saying only that it will open in the Tampa Bay Area.

Of course, we’d love to see this concept in St. Pete to expand on our growing gluten-free scene in one of our booming areas like the Warehouse Arts District. Wherever it opens, diners can expect a “foodie oasis” for gluten-free and vegan eats. Stay tuned to I Love the Burg for updates on location and opening day.

HaleLife touts summer 2022 opening

“We’ve dreamed of a place like this since we moved to Tampa Bay in 2012,” HaleLife said in the announcement. “10 years later we couldn’t be more excited to create this foodie oasis ourselves. ✨

“This summer … we’re excited to introduce the very first #GlutenFree & #Vegan Bistro to the Tampa Bay Area! ☀️ By the time you try our food and enjoy our drinks (yes, we plan to serve #glutenfree alcohol too 😉) you’ll truly feel in foodie paradise. 🌄

“@HaleLifeBistro – Your Happy & Healthy Place to Eat 🌅 Coming Summer 2022 ☀️”


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