Fresh grocery giveaway coming this Friday, more giveaway dates also announced

Fresh grocery giveaway coming this Friday, more giveaway dates also announced

Volunteers distributing free groceries

In conjunction with several local organizations, Pinellas County is hosting a free fresh food giveaway this Friday, June 9, in Pinellas Park. The giveaway runs from 9-11 am at England Brothers Park, 5010 81st Ave. N, and is available while supplies last.

The giveaway is for anyone, individuals or families, in need of assistance with grocery necessities. Distribution of groceries is drive-thru only, where staff and volunteers will help load groceries into the cars of those picking up their goods. Participants can expect a variety of fresh foods including vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, meat, and other goods and produce.


Pinellas County has partnered with the St. Pete Free Clinic for this giveaway aimed at combatting the rise of food insecurity in the area, particularly with kids now at home for the summer in many homes. The goal is to not only feed those in need, but to provide them with healthy and nutritious options. Friday’s event is a partnership with the City of Pinellas Park, the Pinellas Park Police Department, and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

St. Pete Free Clinic operates fresh food pantries five days per week

For those who are either unable to make Friday’s giveaway or who are in more permanent need, the St. Petersburg Free Clinic just released its weekly We Help FRESH Pantry schedule, providing free and fresh groceries every weekday in St. Pete to those in need.

Free groceries are available at each of these locations during stated operating hours.

  • St. Pete Free Clinic Main Office – 863 3rd Avenue North (walk-in/indoor only)
    Monday-Wednesday: 8:30 am – 3 pm
    Thursday: 8:30 am – 7 pm
  • 22nd Street South Revitalization – 2198 15th Avenue South (drive-thru)
    Monday and Wednesday: 2-6 pm
  • Jared S. Hechtkopf Community Food Bank – 3115 44th Avenue North (drive-thru)
    Tuesday and Friday: 2-6 pm

Learn more about the St. Pete Free Clinic and their We Help FRESH Pantry program at

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