Graze Craze, a dreamy charcuterie board shop, is now open on Central Ave in St. Pete

Graze Craze, a dreamy charcuterie board shop, is now open on Central Ave in St. Pete

Aerial view of multiple plates of cheese, fruits, and meats.

St. Pete loves charcuterie. The artisanal yet simple picnic staple has had a bit of a moment the past few years as more and more folks have sought elevated outdoor dining options in the region. The Grand Central District now has its very own dedicated charcuterie shop courtesy of Graze Craze, which is now open at 2220 Central Avenue.

This shop is the innovator in an attractive food trend sweeping the nation known as “Grazing”. “Grazing allows people the flexibility to eat an entire meal or small portions of food during the course of the day,” writes the ownership. “The grazing style of eating provides you and your guests with a diverse meal plan in the form of a charcuterie style grazing box, platter or table that meets the individual needs and wants of everyone’s personal palate and diet, in relation to those who may have special health or medical eating requirements.”

Plates of bread, fruit and cheese are set on a large table.
Photo via Graze Craze

Graze Craze will deliver charcuterie boards across St. Pete

The food experience here includes a fully accessible concierge grade of customer service. This savory space features “Grazologists.” All Graze Craze customers work with their very own Grazologist whenever they call one of the store locations. A team member will discuss details about the food preparation and style to make the perfect order every time.

Just select the preferred delivery location and you have yourself a perfectly addictive, almost too pretty to eat snack on the go.

Photo via Graze Craze

Keep up with Graze Craze on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the concept. Visit the charcuterie hub’s website to place an order. They also operate multiple locations across the US, including a shop in neighboring Tampa.

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