Grand Central Openings: Lucy’s Vegan Corner and Valhalla Bakery opening on the same block

Photo of empanadas and giant slices of chocolate cake

Dig in, dear Burg. Two sensational concepts that grew in popularity during tenures as the bustling Baum Avenue Market are opening next door to one another in the Grand Central District.

That’s right, Valhalla’s return to the Sunshine City is imminent. The owners hope to reopen by the end of November at 2462 Central Avenue.

The bakery began in the city of Orlando and is well known for its massive cinnamon rolls, chocolate chunk cookies, and artisanal whole cakes. How committed are the owners to St. Pete? They’re literally driving Thanksgiving pies from Orlando to the ‘Burg to satisfy hungry Sunshine City residents. We love you, Valhalla.

Valhalla could open as early as Thanksgiving week. I recommend you follow the bakery on Facebook and Instagram for official updates.

Next door, Lucy’s Vegan Corner is emerging. According to its social media profiles, Lucy’s should be open in early December. This blogger has dearly missed the mushroom asado street tacos (please bring these back!) and has been dying to dig into the falafel once more.

Dear Lucy, life ain’t the same without your popcorn of the week. The banh mi also received rave reviews from customers.

These two foodie legends make that stretch of Central, which is also home to the recently opened Curated Heat, one of the most delicious spots in the Sunshine City.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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