Good Intentions, a vegan restaurant and cocktail bar, now open in St. Pete

Good Intentions, a vegan restaurant and cocktail bar, now open in St. Pete

Tables and chairs inside restaurant with mood lighting

A first-of-its-kind concept in St. Pete has now made its debut. Good Intentions, a full-service bar and vegan restaurant, is officially open every Wednesday-Saturday beginning at 5 pm.

The new vegan hot spot is a highly-anticipated joint concept from the proprietors of Nah Dogs, Golden Dinosaurs, and Black Radish Vegan Grocery Store. Good Intentions promises “vegan, modern, New American fare with a classic bar menu”.

The massive space has been undergoing renovations for nearly a year, and we’re excited to get our first peek inside. Initial renderings showcased a beautiful dining room, with a large, wraparound bar as the centerpiece. While the three concepts joining forces on this endeavor fall more in the fast-casual category, Good Intentions is expected to be an experience inviting guests to stay awhile and enjoy creative dishes different from anything the three vegan spots offer now.

As the brainchild of three of the Burg’s favorite vegan joints, the new restaurant is expected to become a hotspot for vegan dining, particularly given its location – pre-game drinks for the Rays, anyone? In addition to tasty eats, the bar is expected to have a wide range of classic and contemporary cocktails and mocktails, as well as beer and wine lists.

Exterior of white building with pink doors and "Good Intentions" signage

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