Giant origami installations arrive in St. Pete

There’s a new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, and it’s not dealing in paint or marble or stone. No, the pieces on display at the MFA are made of paper, and wow do these creations reveal the material’s potential.

The world-renowned group of traveling artists contort paper into unforgettable pieces of origami art. These works aren’t simply displayed on tables and behind glass.

The works of the nine international artists in the traveling exhibition Above the Fold: New Expressions in Origami use light, shadow, nature and even math and science to elevate contemporary origami to a global art form.

Visitors will see works suspended from the ceiling while other blend together mediums and materials to make visually arresting art.

The exhibition will be on display from June 22 through September 22.

Above the Fold is the first traveling exhibition to bring a group of origami installations
and conceptual sculptures from around the world to North American audiences.

The MFA is the second-to-last museum to host the exhibition before it concludes in 2020.

Click here for full details. Museum of Fine Arts, 255 Beach Drive Northeast.

*All photos courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts 

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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