G St. Pete Announces Opening This Weekend

G St. Pete Announces Opening This Weekend

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St. Pete is full of pride and there is about to be a new spot in town to show your LGBTQ+ pride. G St. Pete will be the newest addition to St. Petersburg’s nightclub scene and they are hiring bartenders, barbacks, security, management, dancers, and entertainers to make their club the best in the Burg. 

G St. Pete is breaking down barriers and making a space that will not only be all welcoming but also a space that is booming with over-the-top entertainment.

G St. Pete will be located at 350 1st Avenue N.


From what we’ve gathered here is a little sneak peak of the inside:

The Florida Entertainment Group has announced that G St Pete will open its doors in downtown St. Petersburg Aug. 4. Follow their Facebook Page and stay tuned for updates from I Love The Burg.

Images by G St. Pete and Scot Mclntire
Header image by @mrvanlandingham


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