Frog Pond to open in DTSP April 4, offering one of Tampa Bay’s best breakfasts

Frog Pond to open in DTSP April 4, offering one of Tampa Bay’s best breakfasts

A breakfast platter, and the GM outside the entrance

One of the best breakfasts on the beach is coming to downtown St. Pete. The historic St. Pete Beach staple Frog Pond is set to open in Webb’s Plaza on Monday, April 4, located at 890 3rd Avenue South. The surprisingly large space has undergone serious renovation and includes a spacious (and dog friendly) covered patio for al fresco omelets and coffee.

While the brand was previously open in this location, it is re-opening under new management as Frog Pond Downtown St. Pete is being run by GM and co-owner Joshua Garcia, the long-time assistant manager of Frog Pond’s St. Pete Beach location. Those who have frequented Frog Pond will be quick to recognize his friendly and high-energy approach to serving guests, and Garcia says downtown diners can expect all of the same things that make the restaurant special.


“We have a magical environment at the beaches, and we want to replicate that here,” he said. “We’re just trying to capture that exact same quality of food and experience.”

As such, this location is staying true to all the original Frog Pond recipes, offering up massive plates of omelets and frittatas, fluffy stacks of pancakes, warm Belgian waffles and silky stuffed crepes. The restaurant will also offer diner stalwarts like French toast, biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash and their popular steak and eggs.

DTSP specials coming to Frog Pond

However, while Garcia and the rest of the team are staying true to original recipes, he does have a few culinary tricks up his sleeve he’s breaking out thanks to the super-sized kitchen downtown. In addition to the main menu, there is a list of “DTSP Exclusives,” including shrimp and grits, loaded home fries (or biscuit) and chicken and waffles.

And because they’re neighbors with Amped Fitness, they added a couple gym-friendly items to the list. For those staying lean, The Lauren is a butterflied and grilled chicken breast with avocado slices and fresh fruit. For those trying to bulk up, The Bull Frog is a protein-fueled smorgasbord featuring eight eggs, steak, a pancake and a mix of fresh seasonal fruit.

Another significant piece of the approach for Garcia is making Frog Pond as dog-friendly as possible. The outdoor patio seating is all open to dogs, and has even been gated at the entrance to help prevent any runaways. And the big kicker: Frog Pond has created a dog menu, the “Lily Pad Pooches Portions,” serving a pup-friendly mix of eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage.


The mix comes in four sizes, each portion named for a correspondingly sized dog. The smallest serving is six ounces, named The Pomeranian. For hungry pups, The Great Dane dishes out a full 16 ounces of breakfast goodness.

Frog Pond creates unique atmosphere

Of course, Garcia is quick to point out that it’s not just the food that makes Frog Pond special. As much as the culinary enjoyment, it’s the social experience that keeps people coming back. Hosts and servers greet you with all the genuine enthusiasm of Disney World castmembers, while an incredible attention to detail ensures clean tables for every guest, and everything right where they need it.

Those who make regular visits describe the experience as equal parts welcoming and impressive.

“It’s a family environment,” Garcia said. “And people come to watch the show. We’re literally always moving with a purpose.”

Garcia credits the incredible staff – back of house and front of house – for working together to create a fun and effective atmosphere. At the St. Pete Beach location, he noted, there hasn’t been a single turnover on the staff in 18 months, an incredible feat given the upheaval to the industry over the last two years. While Frog Pond DTSP does have staff in place, Garcia said they are certainly still looking for more servers and cooks.

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