5th Annual French Fry Festival returns this Friday

5th Annual French Fry Festival returns this Friday

Two plates of loaded fries

Get your ketchup ready. And also your cheese, and your bacon, and your pepperoni. And, well, perhaps it’s better to just ready your stomach and let the food trucks do the work. The annual French Fry Festival is back on Friday, July 15 from 6-10 pm at 3 Daughters Brewing. The event is free to attend and open to all ages.

The yearly celebration of fried potatoes and their glorious world of toppings and accoutrements is one of the tastiest experiences in St. Pete, and this year’s food truck lineup is bringing some stellar chefs to the stage. Participants in the French Fry Festival include Pamz Pizza Cones, Anju Korean Gastro, Flip’n Tasty Filipino, and Maggie on the Move.


Ardent followers of the St. Pete food truck scene will recognize them all, and each of the four brings some truly delicious dishes to the table. Well, to the window, anyway. Table service is unlikely. In addition to the food, the incredible Bus Stop Band will be performing from 8-11 pm, bringing their mix of Motown and Top 40 to the festival.

St. Pete’s food truck stars turn out for French Fry Festival

Pamz Pizza Cones, a personal favorite, has already released the special concoctions they’re unveiling, including loaded supreme pizza fries, buffalo chicken fries, and “Big Mac Daddy” fries complete with all beef mini meatballs, special sauce, shredded lettuce, queso blanco, diced tomatoes, pickles, and sesame seeds. And while the fries are the cause for celebration, if you’ve never had one of their hot and crunchy pizza cones, you’ll want to save room for one of the Burg’s best handheld savory treats.

Meanwhile, Anju Korean makes incredible guilty-pleasure Korean eats. We’ll see what they cook up for the occasion, but their Korean fried chicken, bulgogi cheesesteak, bibimbap bowl, and loaded Korean street tots all come with the I Love the Burg seal of saucy approval.

Tampa Bay’s first Filipino food truck, Flip’n Tasty is a St. Pete staple. The things they do with their Pinoy pork are as mouthwatering as they are eye-catching, and their loaded “Flip’n Fries” are ready-made to fit into French Fry Festival extravagance.

And of course, what gathering of food trucks would be complete without Maggie on the Move? The aptly-named food truck is seemingly everywhere, and with good reason. Her Mediterranean-inspired eats are some of the most popular in town, and Maggie’s loaded fries have been a staple since she opened the truck more than a decade ago. Her creative concoctions for themed festivals are always impressive, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with this time.


While 3 Daughters Brewing built a name for themselves with their tasty beers and ciders, it’s their dedication to pairing those brews with great eats that has helped to make their expansive tasting room and beer garden such a success. They’re always doing something to keep the food and beer festivities alive, and you can see their upcoming events here.

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