Forbici, a celebrated Italian restaurant in Tampa, could expand to St. Pete

Forbici, a celebrated Italian restaurant in Tampa, could expand to St. Pete

Forbici is one of the top spots in all of Tampa for fine Italian cuisine. The restaurant puts a modern twist on classic dishes, and offers up a sensational pizza in Tampa’s Hyde Park Village. This restaurant is part of Next Level Brands, a group headed up by prolific restaurateur Jeff Gigante. Next Level just recently opened Boulon Brasserie in Water Street Tampa to rave reviews, with other 5-star spots set to open soon (Union New American). Now, Next Level Brands has its sights set on downtown St. Pete.

During a tasting for Union New American at Hyde House in 2022, the group had mentioned their intentions to open a second Forbici location in downtown St. Pete. A recent report by Tampa Bay Business Journal confirms the plans for expansion in the Sunshine City.

Array of Roman-style pizzas | Photo via Forbici

Forbici bringing Roman pizza to downtown St. Pete

Gigante told TBBJ that he’s looking for spaces ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 square feet. Next Level partner Andrew Wright, who founded Tampa real estate firm Franklin Street, is also a partner in the ownership of Sundial, so it would make sense that Forbici could find its way to that space in the future.

The exquisite concept from Jason Brunetti, founder of Brunetti Pizza, and Jeff Gigante first debuted back in 2019. If you’re wondering why you should be hyped about this restaurant arriving in St. Pete, then we have a few recommendations:


Meatballs, y’all. These hearty creations at Forbici are made with all natural Pork and Beef alla Nanny. If you’re famished, we recommend you start with this savory shareable while you peruse the menu. Vegans, don’t fret, Forbici also offers vegan Impossible Meatballs. 

What you need to try at the restaurant

On the lighter side, the Shishito Peppers lightly dressed in lemon and sea salt offer a mild kick to your palate.

Want a protein-packed lunch? Kick it with a filling grain bowl. The gluten-free and vegetarian Sano is probably the most requested. The dish is made with black rice, grape tomatoes, grilled broccolini, Marcona almonds, mushrooms and basil pesto. You can top it with your choice of protein — we recommend the chicken.

That of course is a prelude to the coup de gras of treats at Forbici, Roman Pizza. The Teglia square pizza features handcrafted dough that is fermented for 72 hours and baked at a high temperature ensuring an incredibly light and airy crust. The pizza is finished with house-made mozzarella, and perfectly cut with artisan scissors. 


Three perfectly seasoned meatballs | Photo via Forbici

Next Level setting roots in the Sunshine City

We recommend you go with the Cup & Char pie. Delicate pepperoni slices come fresh out the oven like savory rosebuds, holding all the wonderful flavors within. This too can be ordered gluten-free as a round pie.

Follow Forbici on Instagram and its website to learn more about the menu.

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