Flying Boat Brewing halts beer production to store drinking water in tanks

Outside Flying Boat Brewing

Another day, another Burg business inspiring us. Flying Boat Brewing will celebrate its anniversary in St. Pete n August 31, but ahead of the festivities, the breweries with a knack for St. Pete History are working to make sure the community will have ample drinking water.

Flying Boat announced on Facebook that they would halt production of their beer and instead store drinkable water in all of their tanks. Dorian’s path is still TBD at the moment. Recent maps show it not making landfall at all. It’s still too early tell what impact ti will have on Florida, but we know it’s always better to prepare for the worst.

Fortunately, a brewery like Flying Boat is doing the prepping for us. If things take a turn for the worst this weekend, community residents are invited to bring their own containers to brewery to get them filled if needed for themselves, their family, and their pets.

Flying Boat Brewing is located at 1776 11th Avenue North. Follow Flying Boat on Facebook for updates on new events.

Want more brewery love in your life? 3 Daughters Brewing is hosting a Bacon and Beer Bash on Saturday.

Need to discover a local gem? We recommend Hops & Props, which is totally open during Pier construction.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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