Filipino food chain, Jollibee, announces grand opening date in Pinellas Park

Filipino food chain, Jollibee, announces grand opening date in Pinellas Park

Exterior of a food chain called Jollibee

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It’s official! Jollibee will open on Friday, January 17 at 9am at 4057 Park Boulevard! You can see all the details on the Grand Opening Event Page.

Jollibee will be giving out some special prizes during the grand opening festivities. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

– The first 50 customers in line to spend $25 or more will get FREE Chickenjoy for a year!*
– The first 50 with the best #ItsOurTurn signs will get a Jollibee in Barong Funko Pop!
– The first 300 on day 1 (plus the first 100 on days 2 and 3) will get a free drawstring bag with a minimum $25 purchase!

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FINALLY! Jollibee, a popular Filipino food chain, is readying to open in Pinellas Park. Low key, Pinellas Park is transforming into one of the most exciting arts/food hubs in the region.

We are jumping for (chicken)joy and salivating at the thought of a plate of Jolly Spaghetti, y’all. While it may not be in the ‘Burg, it sure beats making the trek to Jacksonville for an ube dip cone.

Jollibee hiring for all positions in Pinellas Park

The hub for Jolly Spaghetti, a pasta dish featuring ham, hot dog, and banana ketchup, will open at 4045 Park Boulevard.

What’s worth trying when you visit?

Beyond Jolly Spaghetti, we can’t recommend the Palabok Fiesta enough. It’s rice noodles covered in garlic sauce, shrimp, crushed chicharrons and a hardboiled egg. Chef’s kiss, y’all.

The peach mango pie is handheld medley of sugary sweet glory. Yes, Jollibee is an indulgence. Good thing I resolved to treat myself more. Working alongside two amazing people, Dexter Fabian and Ysanne Taylor, I’ve come to love Filipino cuisine.

A fried chicken bastion 

A fast casual concept where I can get my ube and fried chicken fix all at once is beyond divine.

The official opening date is January 17. Doors open at 9am and the restaurant will be open until 11pm. More details are available on Facebook.

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