Ferg’s purchases Gasparilla pirate ship, open for pictures now in the courtyard

Ferg’s purchases Gasparilla pirate ship, open for pictures now in the courtyard

They may be the unofficial pre-game bar for the Rays, but it’s a different Tampa Bay team that comes to mind with Ferg’s Sports Bar’s newest addition. The popular bar and grill in the EDGE District recently bought a Gasparilla Parade pirate ship (because why say no when an opportunity like that comes up?) and the boat is now on display outside the beloved St. Pete establishment.

Guests are welcome to take pictures with the pirate ship, which arrived Monday afternoon, though for the moment ownership is asking people not to step onboard until it is moved to its permanent spot. Once there, guests will be welcome climb aboard, and staff say the vessel may soon even be available to rent out for parties. Rum and cokes on the poop deck, anyone?


The boat was the former ship of choice for the Bonney-Read Krewe at Gasparilla parades, and it will now add a bit of Buccaneers flair to the sprawling sports-centered hotspot. Between views of The Trop, seasonal thunderstorms bringing daily lightning, and the outdoor bar’s decidedly-rowdy gameday atmosphere, this piece completes the celebration of Tampa Bay pro sports teams at Ferg’s.

According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, Ferg’s owner Mark Ferguson purchased the 20-year-old ship, named Vanity, for $33,000. And this isn’t the first time that the bar’s namesake has purchased a bit of local history to put on display. It was just a few years that Ferguson purchased the iconic spinning globe sign – formerly at World Liquors – and put it up outside the “World Famous Ferg’s.”

Stay tuned more info on what Ferg’s decides to do with its nautical new addition. And if you stop by for pictures, be sure to check the pizza ATM out front at Ferg’s.


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