Bakes and Wakes / Fat Lenny’s now open for rolled ice cream, sweets and toys in Gulfport

Bakes and Wakes / Fat Lenny’s now open for rolled ice cream, sweets and toys in Gulfport

Exterior of the building
Photo courtesy Bakes and Wakes Fat Lenny’s World Headquarters

A new store in Gulfport is bringing bright color, big energy and quirky fun to town. Bakes and Wakes Fat Lenny’s World Headquarters is a combo ice cream parlor, bubble tea and espresso café, and toy and candy store now open daily at 2148 49th Street South from 2-9 pm. The shop is quickly earning attention for its flavorful lineup of rolled ice creams

The new restaurant and store is a haven for oddities and eats, and is also expected host a regular lineup of food trucks, live music and other community-centric events. Self-described as “welcoming to families while being a bit alternative and edgy,” Bakes and Wakes is an evolved version of the owners’ original concept in Erie, Pennsylvania. This iteration is also family-friendly, along with a bit of Cheech-and-Chong vibe that adds some extra funk and color. The store alsos feature their popular rolled ice cream and bubble teas.


“We like weird,” owner Scottie Freeman said. “Expect a lot of fun. All my energy is going to be coming and I’m a pretty fun fella most of the time.”

Particularly, Freeman is excited to spend more time in the Florida sun. The owners had been searching for the place to open the new concept and had looked all over, everywhere from Austin to Tennessee. But when they came down to St. Petersburg over Christmas – drawn in large part by the Dali Museum – they realized their new home had been found.

“I couldn’t leave St. Pete,” Freeman said. “I just couldn’t leave. I ran across that location there and it just called to me. I saw it as a canvas. I’m an artist. I was like, I’ve gotta have it. We have to turn that into something.”

Fat Lenny’s brings eclectic and alternative fun

Freeman said they also plan to experiment with a variety of savory food offerings in addition to all the sweets, such as hot dogs or shrimp bowls. They plan to try new things and see what people love most, while consistently incorporating food trucks as part of their experience. The property features picnic table seating and hopes to become a welcoming place for all.

“We want it to be a positive impact on the community and one they’ll be proud of, as well,” Freeman said.


Follow Bakes and Wakes Fat Lenny’s World Headquarters on facebook for more updates on events and offerings.

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