The biggest events and festivals happening soon at the St. Pete Pier

The biggest events and festivals happening soon at the St. Pete Pier

A crowd enjoying music on the St. Pete Pier

When the new St. Pete Pier finally opened in 2020, it was hailed as an architectural beauty, as a culinary hot spot, as playground for all ages, and as a fitting extension of the city’s waterfront parks system. That the massive project would also host events and festivals was, at the time, only one in a long list of amenities the public works project would provide.

Now, regular events at the pier have become one of the most popular reasons for locals and visitors alike to flock to the gorgeous downtown destination. From monthly fitness events to the near-constant festivals and celebrations, it seems there is a never ending stream of reasons to keep going back (beyond just the excuse to walk along the water, play in the fountain, or have a rooftop mai tai). 

In fact, the St. Pete Pier has become so popular that it is averaging more than 2.3 million visitors per year to the 26 acres of event, retail and food and beverage spaces, with that number only growing. 

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put a full guide together showcasing what festivals and family-friendly activities are on the horizon. We always make sure to cover the big events coming up individually, but having them all together in one place makes filling in the calendar that much easier for those looking for things to do around town. Check back here regularly to see what’s happening next at the St. Pete Pier.

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