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Thai Yoga (Ruesi Dat Ton) Workshop at Nava Yoga Studio

June 22 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In this 2-hour workshop with Rissa Wray on Saturday, June 22nd from 2-4pm, you will learn about the Thai form of yoga, some history of its evolution, and how to practice the techniques and exercises that make it so unique! Compared to Indian Hatha Yoga, Thai Yoga includes more self-massage, isolated ranges of motion, opposite breath patterns (inhaling with certain movements instead of exhaling, for instance), and moving postures.

Thai Yoga features:
-joint mobilization
-dynamic exercises
-breathing exercises
-the ethics of Theravada Buddhism

“Yoga is not a single tradition, but a family of self-cultivation traditions that are widespread across India, Tibet, and Southeast Asia. They typically involve a tantric view of the relationship between body, mind, and spirit being managed through “energies” (usually understood as winds), and… involve a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and physical postures to manage these “energies”. With this definition of yoga, then one can simply say that ‘Reusi Dat Ton’ is a Thai form of yoga.”
–Pierce Salguero PhD.

Student Limit: 18
Price: $55