El Dorado Furniture opens sprawling furniture wonderland in Tampa Bay

El Dorado Furniture opens sprawling furniture wonderland in Tampa Bay

The exterior of El Dorado Furniture

A jaw-dropping furniture wonderland has arrived in the area, with El Dorado Furniture celebrating the grand opening of its Wesley Chapel store. The massive furniture emporium had an all-out party for its debut at the end of September, and I Love the Burg was invited for a sneak peek to check out the incredible space at 25171 County Rd 54.

For those unfamiliar, El Dorado Furniture is a shopping experience unlike other. Think of it as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but for bedroom sets and living room furniture instead of chocolate and lollipops. The sprawling two-story showroom employs a “boulevard” concept where customers can walk down a city-inspired strip and explore individual shops with different design styles and themes.

The interior of El Dorado
The interior of El Dorado

This new store provides another Tampa Bay area location to visit, and locals in West St. Pete are likely already familiar with El Dorado Furniture from their location on Tyrone Boulevard. In addition to multiple “Retailer of the Year” awards, El Dorado Furniture has earned renown for its dedication to helping the community.

The company has been an award-winning supporter of campaigns for justice, supporting the victims of crime, driving capital toward medical research, and funding a trove of community-minded charities. Their support of the community is a driving ethos for the company founded by Cuban immigrants who fled the Castro regime in 1966 and brought their furniture-making talents to Miami’s Little Havana.

El Dorado is a family-owned success story

Dubbing itself “a different kind of furniture store,” El Dorado Furniture combines the best in home living furniture and accessories with an experiential store design that makes the browsing itself something unlike any other furniture store. The family-owned business was established in 1967 in South Florida, and has since grown to become the largest Hispanic-owned furniture retail enterprise in the United States, ranked among the top 50 furniture retailers in the country.

This store marks El Dorado Furniture’s 18th location, all of which are right here at home in Florida. And while the quality of all of El Dorado Furniture’s offerings stands on its own, there are two big factors that help make the popular store such a standout in a crowded field. First, is the previously mentioned “Boulevard” setup of the store.

Instead of browsing a typical furniture showroom, customers walk down a strip resembling an old-fashioned city street. Quaint benches and streetlamps line the main street, which is surrounded by wondrous facades ranging from 16th-Century-inspired stained glass windows, to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. More than 20 individually themed storefronts open into specialized furniture shops, each showcasing the latest furniture styles for every room in the home.

The interior of El Dorado
The interior of El Dorado

Second, is El Dorado Furniture’s renowned Carlo Perazzi collection. In addition to a virtually unrivaled selection of furniture from manufacturers all over the world, the store carries its signature Carlo Perazzi collection. This contemporary furniture line has become one of El Dorado Furniture’s top sellers, offering customers an array of modern colors and designs they can’t find anywhere else.

All of this, of course, comes in addition to El Dorado Furniture’s same-day delivery and expansive, on-site customer service department. If you’re in the market, El Dorado Furniture’s large selection of furniture and accessories range from trendy styles like modern, coastal, and industrial, to rustic and traditional.

Learn more about the store and follow El Dorado Wesley Chapel on facebook for more updates.

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