EDGE District Plans 4 Sip & Stroll Events for 2017 and 2018

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The EDGE District is the place to be in the Burg. Concepts such as Bodega, Intermezzo, Donut Freak, Buya Ramen and the Escape Room have infused the area with the kind of dynamism that appeals to all visitors and residents. It’s quickly becoming the go-to destination to live, work and play in the Sunshine City.

A healthy abundance of murals, a beer garden and craft brew mecca, urban gardening shops and clothing boutiques further enhance the district’s allure. As the Burg continues to progress, downtown walkability is of paramount concern.

Sip and Stroll around the EDGE District

In September of 2016, City Council leaders and businesses within the EDGE made major strides in capitalizing on the area’s renaissance with unanimous approval. The idea: Create the EDGE Specialty Center, a special district designation enabling the area to hold up to nine EDGE District Special Events per year with managed “open container” carry for participants.

The designation means that at an EDGE Special event you could grab a cocktail at Hawkers or a beer at Green Bench and take it over to Bodega to enjoy with a plate of lechon. Members from the Grand Central District and Deuces Live District voiced their support for the designation before and after it was approved.

First event is planned for October 29

On August 24, the City Council will meet to grant approval for the first four, of a potential nine, sip and stroll events. The proposed dates are October 29, 2017; February 11, 2018; June 17, 2018; and August 6, 2018. Each of these events will start at 12pm and end at 4pm.

The “Sip and Stroll” opportunity will be afforded to those who purchase an EDGE District plastic cup. All cups will be sold at up to six pre-approved business locations within the event boundaries, managed by EBDA members.

Event goers will be given special EDGE District Cups

Prior to receiving a cup, each purchaser will be checked for legal drinking age and then banded with an I.D. wristband. The cups will be no greater than 12 oz. size, clearly identifiable by both the EDGE logo and cup color designated for that date’s event, and translucent enough to show whether they contain any contents.

Event boundaries will be clearly marked by visible signage on sidewalks at Central Avenue and Martin Luther King, Jr. Street, Central Avenue and 16th Street, south side of 1st Avenue North and 11th Street, south side of 1st Avenue North and 13th Street, north side of 1st Avenue South and 11th Street, and north side of 1st Avenue South and 13th Street. Content of signs will include clear language that alcohol in open containers is not permitted beyond that point.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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