13-story hotel and retail project moves forward in EDGE District on Central Ave

13-story hotel and retail project moves forward in EDGE District on Central Ave

Rendering via City of St. Petersburg

A proposed project in the EDGE District recently took a major step forward, as St. Petersburg City Council approved preliminary plans for a 13-story hotel at 1111 Central Avenue, complete with 5,000 square feet of commercial space. The project spans a sizable portion of the 1100 block, including the building housing Intermezzo Coffee and Cocktails and the adjacent parking lot and green space on either side.

The project, brought to the city by St. Pete’s Eastman Equity Holding, LLC, is estimated to cost $26 million, and will bring in a 114-room hotel, as well as expanded retail space and new pathways connecting Central and Baum Avenues. Part of the hold up on the project was a parking issue, as Phase 1 of the development will turn the existing private lot into a private valet area, which concerned area business owners.


However, Phase 2 of the plan will convert the parking lot into an urban garden and detached single story garden bar (pictured in main image). The plans call for the demolition of the building currently occupied by Intermezzo (that space will become a covered walkway from Central Avenue to Baum Avenue), but we’re told to expect Intermezzo to stick around in the area.

The current building housing Baum Avenue Market will remain as part of the project, and in the plans, it is labeled as a restaurant. There will also be new construction next to it that will create an additional tenant space accessible through the walkway. The hotel itself will be constructed on the green space to the right of Intermezzo, stretching to 11th Street.

Renderings of the proposed walkway, via City of St. Petersburg
The street layout of the project, via City of St. Petersburg

While the construction will certainly cause temporary parking issues, it is actually expected to result in 10 additional street spaces by the end of the project. Developers have also placed an emphasis on connecting Central Avenue, which will have new retailers on the block and a new green space, with Baum Avenue, where favorites like Red Mesa Mercado and Green Bench Brewing are right out of their back door.

“This proposed use will further activate the streetscapes, increase pedestrian activity, and promote connectivity between Baum Avenue and Central Avenue,” developers said in the proposal.

As part of the green light for the project, City Council has made it a requirement that they are able to review and approve (or disapprove) final building plans. At the earliest, Phase 1 of the project will be finished in 2024. Stay tuned to I Love The Burg for more updates.


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