Early Learning Coalition and Global StoryMakers partner to bring books to kids

Access to literature is tantamount in the development of children. Advocating for literacy is also imperative for any growing community. The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas (ELC) and Global StoryMakers have partnered to bring critical reading resources to homes so all children have access to learning away from the classroom, with the support from local community readers.

As we move closer to the new school year, providing educational materials for all homes is becoming integral so that all students can learn and engage, even if they’re not physically in the classroom.

The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas (ELC) continues to emphasize the importance of developing
reading and comprehension skills in our community’s youngest learners. In support of this endeavor, St. Petersburg-based Global StoryMakers has donated 2,100 children’s books in both English and Spanish.

The donated books include the original “Cows Can’t Jump,” along with other titles in the series such as “Cows Can’t Quack” and “Cows Can’t Blow Bubbles”.

Children who struggle with literacy are proven to have difficulties in kindergarten and beyond, affecting their education in ever-growing ripples.

The ELC intends to distribute the gifted books to child care providers who are part of the Nemours program, where providers use cutting-edge literacy practices to help small groups of children ages 4 – 5.

The ELC has brought together a group of local community personalities who represent various professions, ethnicities, races and genders, to make a video recording of themselves reading one of the stories/books in the donated book list. The videos, posted on Youtube, serve as an integral part of the collaborative project.

The recordings provide an opportunity for children to not only receive a new book but have an adult from their community read the story to them while they follow along. Children and families in all. communities are welcome to view the recordings on the channel and listen to a story.

“We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm Global StoryMakers has shown for the literacy needs of children in Pinellas County,” said Lindsay Carson, CEO of the ELC of Pinellas. “This gift. will allow us to encourage not just literacy in young children but the importance of the community itself supporting children’s early learning and development.”

Global StoryMakers, an international entity, has more than 200 titles from authors and publishers around the world written for early learners and early primary school children – all of which can be translated linguistically, culturally and geographically for any child, anywhere. Books are locally printed by GSM’s network of more than 900 printers globally.

“We respond to literacy needs for all children, everywhere. It is a pleasure to provide books for children in our local community now that parents have become teachers due to the coronavirus,” said Sherry Sacino of Global Storymakers. “All children deserve to see themselves in the pages of their books reading words they understand.”

To partner with the ELC on efforts to support providers and families: contact Rosa Rivera, Director of Community Engagement, at rrivera@ELCPinellas.org.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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