Designer Toy, Art, and Book Shop, Cultösaurus, arrives in the Burg

Designer Toy, Art, and Book Shop, Cultösaurus, arrives in the Burg

Dinosaur mural

Calling all pop culture enthusiasts, there’s a new toy shop in the Sunshine City. No, this isn’t your typical toy store. Called Cultösaurus, the designer toy shop feels as much like an art gallery/museum as it does a store..

The shelves are lined with one-of-a-kind vinyl figures, books, prints, and more.

Vinoy luchador figures

You’ll find boxes of enamel pins and action figures from iconic cartoons like Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons and SpongeBob.

There’s a lounge section in the way back too, in case you need a minute to take it all in.

Masters of the Universe Toys

Groundbreaking and award-winning graphic novels such as My Favorite Thing Is Monsters can be found on tables at the front.

All the way in the back you’ll find a triumphant Astro Boy, Ghost Buster Baskets, Master of the Universe Toys, plush Gremlins and even luchadors. All our love to the legend that is Blue Demon.

Giant dinosaur mural

Afraid you’ll miss it on the road? Don’t worry, the prolific Derek Donnelly painted arguably the wildest mural in all of St. Pete on the front. There are too many references to count. You’ll see a giant T-Rex, Alien, Slimer, Mothra, Ultra Man, The Futurama Vessel, the alien from Mars Attacks! and more indelible characters at 269 16th Street North.

Vinyl Figures

For me, it’s a dream come true to have a shop like Cultösaurus in the Sunshine City. It’s resemblant of other designer toy shops that can be found out in Los Angeles like the Soap Plant.

Selection of graphic novels

Cultösaurus has held several private openings on select weekend days. An official full opening is still TBA. Follow Cultösaurus on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Now, if you’ll come along with me, I’ll be buying all of the Adventure Time pins in stock.


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