Cultured Books begins filming Reading Rainbow-inspired series “Read About It” in St. Pete

Cultured Books, and independent bookstore in St. Petersburg owned and operated by Lorielle J. Holloway, has launched a fundraising campaign for its Read About It series. The Cultured Books crew is currently filming season one at businesses and landmarks around the Sunshine City. For those who want to provide immediate support to the series promoting literacy and diverse voices, you can donate here.

So, what is Read About it?

Read About It is a web series created by Cultured Books that brings books to life through literary based field trips throughout Tampa Bay.

Filming Read About It on location in St. Pete

Co-creators Lorielle J. Holloway and Tamia Iman Kennedy of Black on the Scene are using the series to celebrate books, and the city of St. Petersburg. The teaser trailer shows murals by Ya La’Ford, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, and visit with the incredible artist Nick Davis.

This series will bring arts and books to vibrant life for emerging young readers eager to engage with new stories.

For this blogger, Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow were integral to my lifelong love of reading. In so many ways books are gateways to new perspectives, circumstances and philosophies. Reading is an exercise to grow your empathy, and I can only imagine Read About It will have a similar lasting impact on the audience it reaches.

To help expand the series, and assist with completing season one, you can donate to Read About It today.

Meet the creators of the new series

Here’s a bit of background on both the creators of the Read About It series:

Lorielle J. Holloway

Lorielle J. Hollaway is the founder of Cultured Books Literacy Foundation and the owner of Cultured Books a multicultural children’s pop-up bookstore.

Hollaway believes that literacy is more than the ability to read and write and is on a mission to create culturally responsive opportunities that nurture #literacylifestyles.

Tamia Iman Kennedy

Tamia Iman Kennedy is the owner of Black On The Scene a multi-media production company created to amplify stories molded by black and brown creatives.

According to Kennedy, partnering with Cultured Books to develop the Read About It Series, was necessary as it provides many opportunities for local creatives and encourages literacy, tourism and community.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

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