West St. Pete gem The Crumb Factory announces new weekend dinner service

West St. Pete gem The Crumb Factory announces new weekend dinner service

Exterior of a restaurant with a white paint job and a black and yellow awning. A truck is parked out front.
Outside The Crumb Factory in West St. Pete | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Anyone who has had one of their hot and crispy cruffins or a filling breakfast sandwich piled on fresh sourdough knows how tasty a visit to The Crumb Factory can be. Now, the star bakery and cafe is taking things one step further. Starting this week, The Crumb Factory will be open for dinner every Thursday-Saturday from 4-9 pm, with a brand new menu of nighttime eats, as well as beer and wine.

Owners announced the news on facebook, where the update was met with plenty of fanfare. Since opening in 2021, the daytime cafe has gained a cult following for its variety of offerings. Of course, up until now, those offerings were only available in the mornings and early afternoon.


A look at the famous Crumb Factory Cruffins | Photo via The Crumb Factory (IG)

Crumb Factory is the hot new dinner destination on Central Avenue

While owners haven’t yet released the new dinner menu, we can certainly hope it showcases their incredible sandwiches and fresh baked bread. Truly, The Crumb Factory would be a success if all they served was their sourdough country loaf. It’s that bread, baked fresh daily, that helps make the rest of breakfast menu so delightful. From avocado toast to breakfast sandwiches, the sourdough takes center stage.

Our staff writer Kara Vandooijeweert took a visit last year and came away highly impressed. You can read her excellent feature on the restaurant here, including her confident assertion that “The Crumb Factory Bakery and Café is worth the hype.”


Baked rolls, bread, and a salad
Photo via The Crumb Factory

Stay tuned for the first taste of the new dinner service. The Crumb Factory is located at 5701 Central Ave, open daily from 7:30 am – 2 pm, with dinner service beginning Thursday, March 30.

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