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Cosmic Donuts makes the most “over-the-top,” creative donuts in St. Pete

Cosmic Donuts makes the most “over-the-top,” creative donuts in St. Pete

Giant cronut and s'mores donuts featured

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of Roosevelt Boulevard’s Cosmic Donuts, you’ve seen the crème de la crème of creams and cremes alike. Since October 2020, when Jason Dudley Jr. and Brielle Montoya took over the spot, the once humble mom-and-pop shop has become somewhat of a local donut destination.

It’s claim to fame? St. Pete’s most outrageous rings of deep-fried dough.


Creating St. Pete’s perfect donuts

“I’ve always had a passion for creativity,” Cosmic Donuts CEO, Jason Dudley Jr., shared with me on a recent visit to the shop. “I’m always thinking of new flavors. When I walk through stores, I see something and I think, ‘Oh! That could be a great donut.’”

The treats on Cosmic Donut’s shelves confirm Jason’s inventiveness. From candy bar-topped long johns to cereal-coated classic rounds, each pastry is a testament to the young entrepreneur’s culinary curiosity and explorative nature.

Wondering what some of these specific, unique flavors entail? Then stick around, because it’s time to check out the menu.


The donuts


BACKGROUND INFO: So, the Cosmic Donuts menu is essentially structured in tiers ranging from classic to “out-of-this-world.” At the bottom, most basic level are the “simple” creations.

This category of donut is perfect for traditionalists looking for a hot, original glazed donut, or an iconic chocolate frosted. Also included in this grouping are cake donuts, old-fashioned sour cream, and any sort of sprinkled donut.

Don’t let the term “simple” fool you, however. Frosting flavors are not limited to chocolate and vanilla—my favorite is the maple—and the best-selling “sprinkled” donut on the menu is actually the “Tutti Frutti,” which swaps out basic rainbow sprinkles for crunchy Fruity Pebbles.


Up next on Cosmic’s donut hierarchy are the “fancy” donuts. This category generally includes more indulgent toppings, such as candy pieces or peanut butter, as well as basic “stuffed” donuts. M&m, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Oreo—which are all customer favorites—hail from this grouping.


Ok, so this is where things start to get outrageous.

“Extra fancy” donuts are permanent members of the daily donut menu that have been stuffed and coated with all sorts of premium toppings. Some flavor highlights include chocolate chip cookie butter, apple maple crumble, Reese’s peanut butter cup, s’mores, and more.

Since each of my two favorite Cosmic donuts (the banana cream pie and the stuffed French toast) both come from this category, I would passionately encourage any first-time visitors to order “extra.”


This category, despite its impermanence, is hands-down the most “out-of-this-world” of Cosmic’s donut levels. Here’s how it works:

Each month, Jason unleashes his creative mind to brainstorm three never-before-seen donut flavors. Many of these donuts feature ultra-decadent toppings—such as raw cookie dough balls, chocolate covered strawberries, or even other donuts—or eccentric novelty toppings, such as Pop Tarts or Oatmeal Crème Pies. In addition, many of these monthly specials reflect flavors of the season, like the “Christmas sugar cookie,” which, released in December, was candy-coated and stuffed to the brim with Bavarian sugar cookie fluff.

For those interested in keeping up with each month’s over-the-top offerings, I’d recommend following the shop on Instagram, @cosmicdonuts.stpete.


I round out today’s taxonomical classification of donuts with three words: colossal apple fritter.

Sure, the store has other specialties (like maple bacon sticks and cronuts), but guys.

The fritter is 14 inches.

You need one.

Design-your-own donut

Those ready to sink their teeth into one of Cosmic Donuts over-the-top creations can do so at 10468 Roosevelt Boulevard North, Tuesday through Sunday.

And for those who feel overwhelmed by choice—or don’t see their favorite flavor on the list—fear not! Jason says, “the entire menu is customizable,” so he can pretty much “make you anything you want.”

I don’t know about you, St. Pete, but that’s a dessert-lover’s challenge I’m ready to accept.

For more information on Cosmic Donuts, prospective guests can visit the store’s official website,, or follow them on Instagram: @cosmicdonuts.stpete.


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