Adopt a new pet for only $8.27 at SPCA Tampa Bay this Saturday

Adopt a new pet for only $8.27 at SPCA Tampa Bay this Saturday

As part of a nationwide campaign, SPCA Tampa Bay will host its annual Clear the Shelters adoption event this Saturday, August 27. Since its 2015 inception, NBCUniversal’s Clear The Shelters has helped more than 700,000 pets find new homes, and the 2021 campaign resulted in more than 140,000 pet adoptions while raising more than $500,000.

With the event taking place 8/27 (August 27), all animals on the adoption floor at SPCA Tampa Bay can be taken home for just $8.27 as part of the offer. The for-all shelter in Largo opens at noon on the 27th, and potential adopters are encouraged to arrive early. SPCA Tampa Bay is located at 9099 130th Avenue North.

All available animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped, making for seamless and affordable adoption. As of August 4, more than 60 cats, 37 dogs and 16 critters (including a pig named Henry) are waiting for their forever home. Nearly 200 pets were adopted as part of the Clear the Shelters events the last three years, and SPCA Tampa Bay looks forward to another celebration of pet companionship.

SPCA Tampa Bay welcomes all

Part of what makes supporting SPCA Tampa Bay so important is that they are Tampa Bay’s only For-All shelter, meaning they will take in any animal regardless of health, breed, age or other factors. As a result, the animal shelter in Largo is not only home to cats and dogs, but rabbits, mice, iguanas, birds, pigs, goats and much more. The center welcomes injured or ailing wild animals, as well, and treats them before returning them to the wild. On top of all that, the SPCA Veterinary Center in St. Pete provides stellar pet health care and services for dogs and cats.

Events like this help SPCA Tampa Bay find forever homes for all of their pets, while also allowing them to allocate resources to the care of other animals in need of medical support. Learn more at

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