Clear Kayak/Canoe Hybrids Launch in the Burg

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Adventure is in infinite supply in the Tampa Bay area. Exploring the waters surrounding the beautiful Burg can introduce residents to islands and wildlife they’ve never encountered in person before. See Through Adventures ups the ante on the outdoors experience.

The transparent kayak-canoe hybrid allows visitors to enjoy a full view of everything happening below them. Watch the mesmerizing migration of sting rays, paddle side by side with dolphins, and float by majestic manatees.

Explore white sand beaches surrounding the Burg

Specific routes take customers to the stunning white sand islands around Ft. DeSoto and Shell Key Preserve. A See Through Adventures Tour is as close to a Florida love letter as you’re going to get; it’s a postcard come to life.

Bottled water, sun screen, shoes you don’t mind getting wet, ziploc bags for personal items, a hat and towel are recommended for your trip. One hour rentals cost $30 per person, or $89 for a two and half hour guided trip. All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Glowing night tours for adventurous travelers 

For those looking to do more than just explore, See Through Adventures also offers a three hour fishing trip for $150. A near bioluminescent experience is achieved with See Through’s light up canoes that are taken out for night tours.

Outings typically depart from either Fort DeSoto or Shell Key Island. More departure points abound depending on the season. See Through Canoe brand‘s transparent kayak-canoe hybrids are available for purchase. Buyers can outfit their vessel with Bimini shade tops and whisper quiet motors with a hand held remote.

The vessels are constructed in Seminole and made of high grade lexan glass-like clear hull, which makes each kayak-canoe stable enough to stand up and paddle in. Want to schedule an individual or group trip? Call See Through Adventures at 727.712.6541 for further details about what they offer.

Follow the business on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see clips from their latest adventure on the water.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

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