City Reveals Proposed Echelman Sculpture Renderings for St. Pete Pier

The City of St. Pete has shared several renderings of the proposed art sculpture that will be part of the new St. Pete Pier. It is designed by world renowned artist Janet Echelman, a Tampa Bay native, who uses unconventional materials from fishnets to atomized water particles to build monumental art pieces. Echelman’s sculptures have been installed in Seattle, Vancouver and Portugal.

Images courtesy of City of St. Petersburg

According to an initial feasibility study, the findings include:

  • Recommended location for this artwork is the end of Spa Beach, on the North side of the Pier Approach.
  • The sculpture can be designed to avoid any impacts to birds, based on initial consultation with experts in the field.
  • The sculpture will be engineered to withstand a 150 mile-per-hour wind event, the state standard.
  • The materials used in the sculpture will not deteriorate or fade. The sculpture is designed to meet the minimum duration of 25 years but will exceed that based on materials.


Written by Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey is the founder of I Love the Burg and That's So Tampa. In addition to regular contributions to each blog, he's been featured as a commentator to Bay New 9, The Tampa Tribune, The Tampa Bay Times, The Tampa Bay Business Journal and The Business Observer as well as national outlets including The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.