Chef’s Choice: New Restaurant Brings Omakase Downtown

Chef’s Choice: New Restaurant Brings Omakase Downtown

Update: 01.29.2018

The much-awaited Sushi Sho Rexley restaurant, has soft opened this evening, January 29th. Due to some logistical issues, the restaurant will only be serving a limited menu until the following week when they can hopefully start doing Omakase. Because of the limited seating, it is highly recommended that reservations be made by calling 727-835-8478.

Tuna poke



When it comes to dining in St. Pete, the options are endless — and growing by the day. Located next to the 24-hour diner concept, 2nd and Second, near 214 2nd Street North, is an Omakase restaurant, Sushi Sho Rexley, from brothers Arte and Rexley Kwok.

Trust the chef in the Burg

Previously, the brothers ran the popular Palm Harbor restaurant Lazy Maguro. So, what is omakase? The Japanese term translates to, “I trust the chef” or “chef’s choice.” Food Republic notes that diners can expect to enjoy a meal of up to a dozen courses of sashimi, sushi, appetizers, small plates, entrees and desserts.

Omakase takes sushi to a whole new level and provides guests with a meal that is sophisticated, individualized and unique. By serving sushi in this way, Sushi Sho Rexley creates a dining experience that is coveted and revered in the Japanese culture by those who do more than eat sushi, but who appreciate the delicacy, the preparation, and the beautiful ceremony that comes with each bite.

The Itamae (sushi chef) carefully selects each item served. The process calls for a heightened attentiveness to the quality of ingredients used, and the overall presentation of each dish. This includes offering the freshest fish from all over the world, carefully managing the temperature of the rice, and offering sake pairings that flatter each dish.


Each plate is meticulously crafted 

“It is an honor to the chef because the customer trusts the chef’s culinary skill and craftsmanship.  We will get the ingredients from Tokyo Tsukiji market and Hawaii,” said Arte Kwok. Arte will take care of the front of the restaurant while his brother Rexley serves as chef.

Totaling just 800 SF, this restaurant will offer a new level of intimacy for diners and the chef. Visitors can sip on sake and Japanese craft beer while they wait for their meal.

Master Sushi Chef, Rexley Kwok, was trained many years ago by a famous and talented Master Sushi Chef named Hiro Ida San. Since then, taking sushi to a higher level has been Kwok’s life-long passion, and he has served mouth-watering sushi and delicacies in this area since 1999.

Owners love the energy of St. Pete

The Kwok brothers hope to open in late summer or early fall. “We love St Pete because it make us feel young and energetic. There are more people walking on the street and riding bicycles,” added Arte. St. Pete’s newfound energy continues to serve as a lightning rod for innovation and appetizing additions.

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