Cap’s seafood restaurant now open in DTSP

Cap’s seafood restaurant now open in DTSP

Steamer plates at Cap's
Photos via Cap's/Tiffany Phelps

Boozy coffee and fresh seafood have arrived in downtown St. Pete. Taking root in the former location of MacDinton’s at 216 1st Avenue North, Cap’s is a double-concept featuring a coffee shop and bar, and a fresh seafood restaurant, both paired with al fresco sipping and dining.

After Cap’s Coffee Shop opened in late April, Cap’s seafood restaurant officially opened its doors over the weekend for a soft opening period. The fresh seafood concept is a raw bar and steamer bar featuring flavorful takes on raw and steamed standards. The raw bar offers fresh oysters, sashimi, peel and eat gulf shrimp, tuna poke and conch salad.


The steamer bar allows guests to build their hot creation by picking from a variety of bases – such as yellow rice, bucatini noodles, or low country veggies – and building from there with various fresh seafood such as mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and other fresh catch. Steamer dishes are then topped with any of Cap’s four sauces.

Cap’s is open from 5-10 pm Wednesday-Sunday (and stays open until 11 pm Friday and Saturday), and an official grand opening celebration is expected in the coming weeks.

While the restaurant has only just opened, Cap’s Coffee Shop is already been welcoming guests, featuring walk-up coffee, pastries and boozy delights. With a walk-up bar on the sidewalk, the coffee shop is being run by the owners of the now-closed Treasure Island favorite Coffee Grounds.

Cap’s Coffee Shop provides downtown with all the same great pastries, frittatas, and other baked goods that Coffee Grounds was known for, bringing their popular style with them from the beach. As for the caffeine, Cap’s Coffee Shop is proud to serve Kahwa Coffee, showcasing locally-roasted beans and brews and bringing a St. Pete staple to the block.

The outdoor seating at Cap's

Cap’s offers something for all, at all hours

The twist at Cap’s, as opposed to the typical café, is a full liquor bar, allowing the team to craft caffeine-infused cocktails and alcoholic coffee creations. Cap’s Coffee Shop is open every day from 8 am – 3 pm, then opens again from 4 pm – 3 am Thursday-Sunday.


The café and restaurant share the full bar, giving guests options day and night for good food, drink and vibes with patio seating and walk-up ordering.

The restaurant is named for the great-great-grandfather of the owner, a former rum runner who had a bar and restaurant of his own years ago on Pompano Beach. Cap’s will take the same approach of providing fresh seafood, great drinks and everything someone needs to get them through the day (or night).

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