Butcher’s Mark now open on 4th Street North in St. Pete

Butcher’s Mark now open on 4th Street North in St. Pete

The inside of Butcher's Mark

Butcher’s Mark, now open in St. Pete, is described as a modern-day butcher shop featuring a wide selection of fresh-cut meats and well-crafted marinades. The locally-owned concept got its start in Bradenton, and after two years of planning, it’s new location in the Burg celebrated its grand opening today at 2436 4th Street North, in the same plaza as La Segunda Bakery. Butcher’s Mark is open daily from 10 am – 7 pm.

The butcher shop uses only fresh, never-frozen meat sourced from some of the country’s finest ranches and farms, featuring the highest-quality cuts and several hard-to-find offerings such as Picanha, wagyu brisket, fresh tri-tip, and even wagyu hot dogs. The store also features a rotating selection of marinated meats, including flavors like garlic supreme, smoked firehouse, Korean BBQ, and Italian smokehouse.


Butcher’s Mark uses vacuum tumbling to marinate its meats, meaning the flavor soaks in through the entire cut. These marinades compliment a long list of meats such as burgers, steaks, sausage, chicken, and much more. Butcher’s Mark even makes its own sausage in-house using whole pork butt (no fillers) and crafts its own tender beef jerky, made with prime brisket.

Premium meats and marinades at this modern day butcher shop

Butcher’s Mark also offers up an incredible array of complimentary offerings, including fresh pastas, hand-pressed Italian olive oil, locally-brined and flavored pickles, and a full lineup of house-made BBQ sauces, rubs, salsas and seasonings. The range of seasonings in particular is impressive, including at least a couple that come with heat warnings for their high Scoville ratings. Ghost pepper flakes, anyone?

The meat fridges at Butcher's Mark

In order to ensure high quality products, Butcher’s Mark seeks out meat that provides the best eating experience, regardless of name or brand. Ownership sources all the meat straight from ranches and farms, rather than using big-brand distributors, finding product that delivers the best flavor and ranches that focus on quality feed and humane, caring environments for their livestock.

Butcher’s Mark gets its wagyu products (brisket, ribeye, strip, hot dogs, and more) from Snake River Farms, the go-to farm for high-quality wagyu. The store then gets all of its non-wagyu beef from High Plains Heritage Farms in Kansas, delivering exceptional cuts of all varieties. For those with a taste for quality in cooking and grilling, this locally-owned store is an absolute must-visit.

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