Butcher’s Mark sets opening date on 4th Street North in St. Pete

Butcher’s Mark sets opening date on 4th Street North in St. Pete

Butcher’s Mark is described as a modern-day butcher shop featuring a wide selection of fresh cut meats and well crafted marinades. The concept first began out of Bradenton and is slowly growing in the state of Florida. It’s next location is primed to be at 2436 4th Street North in the same plaza that’s home to La Segunda Bakery. Butcher’s Market officially opens June 29 at 10am.

The butcher shop’s marinades include spicy mango, Korean BBQ, sweet bourbon, lemon pepper, smoked honey BBQ, garlic supreme, South American, and more. These marinades compliment a list of meats such as Ribeye, NY Strip, Australian Wagyu and A5 Japanese Kobe Beef.


Premium meats and marinades at this modern day butcher shop

Butcher’s Mark also offers up Charcuterie boards for visitors courtesy of Daniele, Inc. The company produces some of the best dry sausage, prosciutto, sopressata, pancetta, salami, and mortadella in the world. Available at Butcher’s Mark: Sopressata, salami, chorizo, dry sausage, capocollo, mortadella, pancetta, prosciutto, and bresaola. 

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