The Burg Listed as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

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The accolades continue to pour in. The Burg’s latest stint in the national spotlight comes courtesy of Forbes. The magazine recently released a list of the fastest-growing cities in 2017 and placed the Sunshine City (and the entire Tampa Bay area) in the top 10. The upper tier of the list is decorated with florida cities, including Orlando, Jacksonville, Bradenton and Fort Myers.

Highlights cities on the upswing

The list “provides a holistic picture of places on the upswing,” noted Forbes staff writer Samantha Sharf. “We look at growth of population, employment, wages, economic output and use home price growth as a proxy for wealth.”

Population, jobs and wages on the rise

The Burg’s population grew by 1.65% in 2016 with a projected growth of 1.76% in 2017. Jobs in the St. Pete area grew at a rate of 3.03% last year with wages rising by 6.42%. Projections for 2017 show a continued climb in both job (2.43%) and wage (7.6%) growth.

Steady climb in home prices

A statistic frequently touted throughout the Tampa Bay area is the rise in home value. Home prices rose 9.98% in 2016 with a projected rise of 7.1% in 2017.

The numbers tell the story of a city wholly invested in its future. Beyond the statistics, the Burg’s fiscal and cultural renaissance is represented by the inspiring murals that add life to the alleyways, office buildings and arcades in St. Pete.

The Sunshine City is energized

A mix of community-oriented events, featuring the best local musicians/artists/makers the Burg has to offer, and major international festivals that bring the top touring performers in the world to our piece of paradise have established our area as one to watch. Historic neighborhoods and iconic Florida architecture coupled with brand new luxury condo developments offer an array of options when living in the city.

Easy access to St. Pete Beach and Ft. De Soto offer residents the rare gift of city living with a white sand escape. This fact has assisted in the Burg becoming such an attractive prospect for company headquarters and real estate investors.

You can see a full list of the fastest growing cities in 2017 on Forbes website.



*Article by Andrew Harlan (, writer/editor of I Love The Burg

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Written by Dex Fabian

Dex Fabian

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