New Wine Bar, Cellar Masters, Announces Opening in the EDGE District

New Wine Bar, Cellar Masters, Announces Opening in the EDGE District

Exterior of a new wine bar with Cellar Masters painted in blue on the front

Red or white? How about both? We’re pinot noir fans over here, but we’ll basically try anything in a wine glass. So naturally we were pretty psyched to stumble across the Facebook page of a new wine bar and bottle shop set to debut in the EDGE District of St. Petersburg. Meet CellarMasters.

The concept is set to officially open on May 20, according to a recent Facebook Post.

CellarMasters, located at 1005 1st Avenue North, is the brainchild of Ryan Rugg and Kory Lynn. The district already has an exceptional food hall, amazing Cuban food, coffee shops, fashion boutiques, a barbershop, a huge furniture store, multiple bar and more murals than we can count. The wine bar seems to be the final piece of the EDGE District puzzle.

You can also follow CellarMasters on Instagram for updates.

The bar features a gorgeous handprinted mural by Leo Gomez, so it’s hard to miss. As more concepts slowly reopen to the public, we’re delighted to see new locally-owned businesses work to reach the public. We encourage you, if you can, to support this new business.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a good brew and a nice view, Hops & Props is certainly worth a visit. It’s open during construction of the new St. Pete Pier.

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