‘Burg Bits: Sunspot On Its Way & 8-Bit Bar in Grand Central

‘Burg Bits: Sunspot On Its Way & 8-Bit Bar in Grand Central

Sunspot to Rise on 600 Block Soon

Sunspot Freshbar has been dropping little Easter eggs here and there of vibrant, animalistic illustrations and murals that will ornament their soon to open lunchtime health food restaurant. Sunspot will feature a pay-by-weight salad bar, soups, smoothies, sandwiches, beer, wine and above all else fine art, because some desserts are better digested through your baby blues. The meals are meant to be quick, light, healthy and perfect for downtown workers on the move. Artworks will cover the walls like a nebulous composite of pristine pastoral wonder. The restaurant aims to open on April 14. You can find Sunspot at the 600 block of downtown, 601 Central Ave.

Sly Bar to Open in Grand Central District

The Grand Central District is about to go 8-bit with Sly Bar. The name is in honor of a one-eyed 14-year-old basset hound and is sure to harbor the same stubborn righteousnous of the iconic dog. Their bar will boast an atmosphere unlike any other on the Central stretch. Table top plug and play video games featuring classics like Asteroids, Centipede, Pac Man and Space Invaders will be yours for pixelated enjoyment. They aim to open by the end of the summer but the geek inside wishes its doors would unlock today. Sly Bar will be located at 2061 Central Ave. 

Chihuly Collection to Open New Beach Drive Retail Shop

The beloved and illuminant Chihuly Collection has transfixed the eyes and minds of ‘Burgers and visitors alike. On Friday, April 4, Chihuly will debut their brand new retail shop to the public that will have exclusive glass and paint creations by local St. Pete artists, divine soaps that intoxicate the senses with lily, lilac and mint perfumes. Upon entering the shop, it’s as if you’ve entered and endless spring. The shop will also offer the simple treats of Art Books that professionaly capture Chihuly’s most renowned creations, collectible mugs, art supplies, signature clothing, documentary videos, umbrellas and so much more. You’ll also find Kahwa‘s special Smoky Glass Blend in giftable tin cans for sale exclusively at the retail shop. The space the shop used to occupy in the exhibit will be utilized as a rotation platform to feature local glass artists in the Bay area. The shop will be accessible to the public without admission to the exhibit. The Grand Opening will take place from 4-6pm. Chihuly Collection 400 Beach Drive NE.

Win a Pair of Tickets to See Florida’s Own The Hip Abduction!
The Hip Abduction will be performing at the State Theatre this Saturday, April 5, at 8pm. For your chance to win, simply answer the following question in the form below. The 20th person to submit the correct answer will win!

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