Burg Bits: As St. Pete Startup Flourishes, Venture To Enable Entrepreneurs

Squeeze Juice Works Expands Across the Bridge

*Photo via Squeeze Juice Works

Squeeze Juice works, a popular small business in the St. Pete area, is opening up a second location in Tampa. Squeeze Juice Works offers organic cold pressed juices. Their drinks are so fresh, the only way you could enhance the experience is by pulling the fruit or veggie out of the ground yourself.

Squeeze Juice Works offers 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses available for pick up. They also sell juices by the bottle, a variety of Kombuchas, medicinal shots and healthy foods that'll have you convinced you're dining on dessert. They also provide grab and go foods to fuel your morning, afternoon and evening with equal amounts of nutrition and essential vitamins.

Squeeze Juice Works' commitment to enabling the the active lifestyles of Burg residents has positioned the company to open up a second location in Tampa. Squeeze Juice Works Tampa location is 226 South Blvd. No matter what side of the bridge you are on, Squeeze ensures that healthy and hearty food and drink are available to you.

Venture House

*Graphic via Venture House

Venture House's mission is simple: "Housing for entrepreneurs; revitalization for neighborhoods in St. Petersburg." Venture House takes vacant homes, those in foreclosure or suffering from other issues, one small cluster of about 5-10 at a time, within a targeted area in the Burg. 

These houses, after a bit of rehabilitation are then given to entrepreneurs whose proposed purpose is to create jobs in the St. Pete area. Homes are so arbitrarily distributed. Each individual with an exciting business idea must submit a detailed proposal to Venture House outlining the economical impact of their idea and how it will benefit the community if given the proper amount of time to develop. 

Earlier this week the City of St. Petersburg proclaimed Sunday, July 27, Venture House Day. In honor of this event Venture House has partnered with The Amsterdam to put on a celebration imbued with a vibrant local spirit. On Sunday, because it is 727 night, if you buy a beer for $7.27, the difference between the actual price of the beer and the $7.27, will go to the Venture House. Plus you will receive a raffle ticket to an Amsterdam gift basket giveaway. Maggie On The Move will also be on hand to feed you generous Burgers. 


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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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