Bodhi Basics Joins the Fringe District

Planet Retro Records, the Sugar Shack, Star Booty, Cornerstone Nutrition, the St. Pete Sculpture Museum and more spots have brought the Fringe District on 9th Street North to entrepreneurial life. Bodhi Basics is the latest local business to join the area in renaissance. Their new shop is located next to Star Booty near 242 9th Street North.


MLK Jr. Street North is Thriving 

Burg residents are no strangers to the ambrosial scents Bodhi Basics concocts. They’re frequent vendors at the local indie markets in Tampa Bay. The business’ mantra is Feel Good: Inside and Out. Owner Kim Vorperian established Bodhi Basics in 2011. On her website, Vorperian notes that the concept came to her after years of trial and error with store bought products.

She turned a friend’s kitchen into a laboratory on the weekends to work on crafting her own plant-based soaps with organic ingredients, or, as Vorperian states, “No junk, no artificial crap, no synthetic fragrance.” The name Bodhi means knowledge and awakening. Vorperian wants every ingredient in her products to be directly traceable to something that grows or comes out of the earth in its pure form.


All oils/fragrances made with pure ingredients 

Products include Aphrodite Anointing Oil — made with oils of sweet almond and coconut and botanicals — and Bambi Perfume — geranium rose with hints of honey, juniper and lavender. Deodorant varieties include tea tree and lemongrass, patchouli and sweet orange, and lumbersexual.

Bodhi Basics also makes massage oils, herbal facial oil, blood orange and poppy soap, coal and salt soap, beard oil, oil blends designed to alleviate headaches and more. You can browse their full selection online.


Find Bodhi Basics at a variety of local retailers 

Vorperian announced Bodhi Basics arrival on 9th Street North on April 17. The official opening is set for August 18. Follow the business on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new products.

While you wait, you can shop their products at local retailers such as Old Southeast Market (1700 3rd Street South), Frolic Exchange (4626 North Florida Avenue), Locale Market (179 2nd Avenue North), Tasty Roots (218 East Davis Boulevard), as well as the Indie Market, the Indie Flea and the Corey Avenue Market.


*Photos via Bodhi Basics

Written by Andrew Harlan

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