BoatStock, a floating music festival, is coming to Madeira Beach

BoatStock, a floating music festival, is coming to Madeira Beach

The Mad Beach BOATSTOCK is a floating music festival in Madeira Beach set to take place on May 15.

BoatStock was born during the pandemic. In May of 2020 local resident Bob Burnett said the ultimate social distancing event would be a concert where people could quarantine on their boats and still party a safe distance from other boats. 11 Days later boaters were doing just that.


Guests can enjoy live music from the comfort of their own vessel. It wasn’t just boats that popped up at the inaugural event.

“We hope to grow this event every year and with the help of all of you we will do just that,” wrote the organizers on the Boat Stock website. “Thank you all for your support and lust for live music and human interaction. See you guys at BOATSTOCK 2 on May 15th 2021.”

The music begins at noon, and the band Swimm is set to headline the floating event.

Edge Marine Construction and Saltwater Hippie are sponsors of the event and have helped bring it to fruition.

For those interested in going, just head to Latitude 27.808323 Longitude 82.78409.


Follow BOATSTOCK on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the event.

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