BioHack Studios Introduces ARX, Cold Tub Therapy to the EDGE District

Eclectic is an overused adjective, but the array of businesses in the EDGE District earn the term. Soon, BioHack Studios (1010 Central Avenue, Suite 104) will join the Burg’s thriving district for art, food, libations and entertainment.

ARX machines use motors instead of weights

BioHack Studios is a first of its kind human performance project. The studio features ARX (adaptive resistance exercise) and is one of the only spots in Tampa Bay to feature such equipment. The machines don’t use metal weights.

Instead, ARX equipment uses motors that apply resistance to the user based on their effort. ARX is popular amongst professional athletes, but has also been introduced as a form of rehab for certain injuries. BioHack’s website states that just one 20 minute session per week should be enough.

O2 assists in increasing inhalation muscle endurance

The facility will also feature a live O2 Oxygen Trainer. The lightweight machine is engineered to increase inhalation muscle endurance. O2 can be used while performing nearly any exercise or activity (i.e. running, weightlifting, rock climbing).

Mental fitness is paramount 

Beyond just a physical workout, BioHack will provide NeurOptimal brain training. The system detects turbulence, or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain, and informs it of these changes through interruptions in the sound the user is listening to. These pauses cause your central nervous system to pull away from the turbulent patterns.

The process continues until the self-correction becomes normal and your brain functions more efficiently. This treatment is said to decrease anxiety, assist with sleep, and make it easier for users to focus on a daily basis.

BioHack brings cold tub therapy downtown

Many will be familiar with the cold tub therapy practice. The theory behind cold tub therapy is that, after a workout, your body needs to repair itself. It does so with the assistance of blood vessels that supply your muscle tissue with oxygen while removing waste like lactic acid. A lactic acid buildup can cause fatigue and swelling.

The cold tub helps drain lactic acid from your system. Cold temperatures cause the blood vessels tighten. When you get out, the tissue warms up, which causes the return of oxygenated blood to help your muscles recover.

360 view of health from the time you begin

Visitors will also be able to enjoy a solid understanding of where their health levels are at from the time that they start. BioHack is outfitted with a Fit3D Pro Scanner. The machine provides a 360 degree view into your body composition so you can track your progress from week to week.

An official opening date has not been announced yet. You can learn more about their services and an opening timeline by following them on their website and Facebook Page.


Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is in his third year as Writer/Editor of New York Times bestselling author Andre Dubus III has said of him, “Andrew Harlan has a sharp and discerning eye for detail that deftly captures character and landscape." He has published fiction and poetry in Sabal and Prime Number Literary Magazine. He graduated with honors from Eckerd College in 2013 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Literature. He can be reached by phone: (727) 896-3435 or email: