Q&A: Country star Billy Gilman comes to Floridian Social Club this Thursday

Q&A: Country star Billy Gilman comes to Floridian Social Club this Thursday

Billy Gilman performing
Photo via Billy Gilman

One of the world’s most popular young country artists is making his debut in St. Pete this Thursday night as part of a new music series in downtown. The Floridian Social Club (historic State Theater) has partnered with Berset + Harris Entertainment for the LIVE ON CENTRAL music series, and its first winter concert welcomes Grammy-nominated and American Music Awards winner Billy Gilman to the city.

Hosted by popular R&B musician Alex Harris, the incredible show takes place at The Floridian Social Club on Thursday, January 26 at 7 pm. Gilman and Harris will both perform as part of the event, and tickets for the evening are available now.

Billy Gilman and Alex Harris in a promotional poster

Gilman, a child prodigy, captured the hearts of millions worldwide when he was only 11 years old with his hit single, “One Voice,” a top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2000. When “One Voice” soared up the charts in 2000, Gilman became the youngest artist ever to have a Top 40 single on the country charts.

After shooting to stardom as a kid, Gilman’s career cooled, and for a time his name fell out of the country conversation. However, Gilman recently returned to fame with a surprise appearance on The Voice in which judges and audiences alike were in awe of his performances, as the now-adult confidently cemented his return to the industry. Below, we chat with Gilman about that rise back to fame, as well as his new album in the works.

Gilman will be joined in performing at The Floridian by Live On Central’s host Alex Harris. His Top 30 Billboard hit single, ‘Falling for You,’ was recognized in USA Today’s Top 40 R&B/Soul singles in North America.

Live On Central is an intimate music series that features both world-renowned performing artists and local talent, as well. It is in partnership with the nonprofit organization, Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT). The show benefits the organization’s creative workforce curriculum that provides its students with experiential learning opportunities through Masterclasses, Apprenticeship, and Student Fellowships.

Tickets for January’s Live On Central featuring Billy Gilman are available here.

Gilman talks past, present and future of his career

You clearly wow-ed when you took the stage on The Voice – judges and audiences alike. What changed for you professionally after your run on the show? 

It was a great resurgence for me. It actually let a lot of people know, industry and non industry, that I was capable of doing all kinds of variety with my voice. 

So many of the stories about childhood stars have unhappy endings, yet here you are 20 years later back touring and making new music. What do you attribute to that success? 

Stay grounded. I have a great family that planted self respect from a very early age. I didn’t have a “Mom-ager” I had a mom. Things like that really shape a childhood career in the positive direction. I’ve also never been in the business just for the glitz and glamour. It’s always the love of singing in front of people that drives me.

As a singer and performer, how have you grown and changed over the years? 

I think as one gets older you grow more comfortable in your own skin. I am only 34 but when you start at 12 you do age different! I’m not afraid to sing what I want and say what I want to say more than ever and that is refreshing to me.

Can you tell us about your new album and what we can expect?  

I am so incredibly excited for this new record in 2023! Can’t give away too much but you will definitely be surprised at the direction.

As a fan in the audience, what is the Billy Gilman experience in 2023? What is the vibe of the show and how much has that changed from when you first burst onto the scene as a kid? 

I always will do my classics. It’s what people want and I love to give the audience what they want. I also throw in new songs, as well as some real fun moments from “The Voice” that people can sing along to. Its a great variety show.

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