St. Pete’s best bars for mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

St. Pete’s best bars for mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

Whether it’s for Dry January, Sober October, or just time for a break, there are not only plenty of reasons to drop the alcohol – there are plenty of places in St. Pete to have a nice drink that won’t leave you with a buzz.

From handcrafted mocktails to NA spirits, beer and wine, the list of booze-free options in the Burg runs deep. And to make things even better, some of our favorite restaurants are represented on this list, meaning you can get a great meal, have some great drinks, and end your night guilt-free (dessert choices notwithstanding).


This isn’t a full list of places in St. Pete that offer mocktails and NA beverages, as a comprehensive list would take a few hours to read through. Instead, we’re focusing on places that put genuine effort and thought into their NA offerings – not just throwing cherry juice in Sprite and giving you a “Shirley Temple,” but truly putting time into a handcrafted beverage you can savor or a glass of something cold to cool you off.

If you know of (or work at) a place that meets the criteria and isn’t on the list, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can update this guide. Otherwise, happy responsible drinking!

Dog Bar – A favorite for dogs and humans alike, Dog Bar has one of the best mocktail menus around. Choose from the seven mocktails, eight NA beers, or even the CBD seltzer. The Nah’Chelada, Safe Sex On The Beach, and the Virgin Mary get extra points for creative names. 2300 Central Avenue

Social Roost – The perfect combo of splurging on food while making good choices with your drinks, Social Roost uses non-alcoholic spirits made by Seedlip to craft tasty drinks that pair perfectly with chicken and waffles, meatloaf, or even French toast (depending on when you choose to visit). 150 1st Avenue North

Cassis – Downtown’s favorite spot for French cuisine and cocktails also happens to be one of the only places on Beach Drive truly dedicating themselves to well-made NA drinks. The permanent mocktail list gets its own entire section on the menu, and even includes a non-alcoholic sparkling Spanish rose. 170 Beach Drive


Ship’s Hold – One of the best craft cocktail bars anywhere in Tampa Bay, The Ship’s Hold doesn’t hold back when it comes to the mocktail game. Not only do they make some of the best drinks in St. Pete, they even *make their own NA spirits.* The laid back atmosphere is the perfect spot for a good alcohol-free drink, also paired with good food, if you like. 37 4th Street North

Herban Flow – The new bottle shop just opened, and is a perfect hub for those looking to lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. The store has a sampling bar and a massive selection of NA spirits, wines and beers, as well as THC, CBD, mushroom and other herbal beverages. 6848 22nd Avenue North

Wild Child – We already know Wild Child makes some of the best food in Grand Central (and in all of St. Pete for that matter), but this is also an excellent opportunity to give them a shoutout for catering to those who are abstaining from alcohol, as well. The ginger kombucha is a great pair for their short rib birria, and the sweet Found Weekend goes excellently with their delectable Korean fried chicken sandwich. 2710 Central Avenue

Copa – One of our favorites in the EDGE District no matter the occasion, Copa unsurprisingly comes through in the clutch with a great foursome of mocktails. In fact, one is even specifically designed for those who had a bit too much of the real thing the night before – The Hangover is the cure to many ills. 1047 Central Avenue

Flute & Dram – A hub for great whiskeys, Flute & Dram also caters to the DDs and sober friends among us, offering a handful of mocktails to sip on while overlooking the water, including an NA mojito. 234 Beach Drive

Others typically offering mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages:

  • 3 Daughters Brewing
  • Baba on Central
  • The Floridian Social Club
  • Datz
  • Mangosteen
  • Lingr
  • Good Intentions


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