Our favorite donut shops in St. Petersburg

Our favorite donut shops in St. Petersburg

Exterior of a drive thru donut shop

St. Pete is for donut lovers. The Sunshine City is brimming with amazing donut (doughnut) concepts that range from vegan and gluten-free, to massive guava filled glazed desserts. These are my personal favorite spots for donuts in St. Petersburg. Did I miss your favorite? Let me know, I’m are always looking to broaden my morning treat horizons. Basically I’m just looking for an excuse to eat more donuts.

This list was assembled by me, Andrew Harlan, for I Love the ‘Burg. I sampled donuts at every shop across the Sunshine City. This list reflects my personal tastes. For reference, my absolute favorite kind of donut is a Cider Donut. If I could grab a donut anywhere in the world right now it would be a cider donut hole at Lyman Orchards in CT.  Not featured on this list, but one of my favorite donuts in the ‘Burg when it’s available is the apple cider donut from Beans & Barlour. 

Below, in no particular order, are my favorite donut shops in and around St. Petersburg, Florida, so you can treat every day like National Donut Day:

HaleLife Bakery makes phenomenal vegan, gluten-free donuts. The quaint shop serves up cupcakes, brownies, flatbreads, quesadillas, and more. The Peach Cobbler donut is a Southern delight, but it is the cakey, moist Cinnamon Toast Crunch donut that reigns supreme for me. It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up.

205 1st Street North


The name says it all. These donuts are out of this world. I’m known for having an insatiable and the massive donuts hit the spot and then some. There’s a lot to love on this menu, but I have to show love for the Nutella Pretzel Donut. The pretzel provides a super savory, and satisfying crunch, and the dense layer of Nutella is a fabulous and unrelenting wave of sweetness. 

10468 Roosevelt Blvd N

Fray’s Doughnut House is a nostalgic gem in the Sunshine City. Tasty large frosted doughnuts line their shelves. The exterior feels like it’s plucked straight from the 1950s. Y’all need to try the apple fritters here. Truly, all I required at Fray’s was a classic glazed doughnut. Did I feel like I was back in Mrs. K’s 1st Grade Class enjoying my first ever doughnut with a Dixie cup of hot chocolate? Yes. Did that push Fray’s over the line of other spots. Probably definitely yes. 

649 34th St N; 5236 16th St N

Y’all. Valkyrie Doughnuts is incredible. Their cups of doughnut holes are addictive. The flavors range over time, and when the Ube doughnut is on the menu I am there, but the standout flavor for me is the guava. It’s the flavor of the region. It’s beautiful to look at and in 2022 the phone eats first. The taste is sensational and you will be full after consuming. Simply the best. 


2444 Central Ave

Daddies Donuts is a pink dream come true, and their huge list of mini donuts will leave you salivating. The raspberry lemonade donut filled with refreshing lemon custard is basically the dessert of the summer. The French toast donut with Ghirardelli caramel is a seductive morning treat that will light a campfire inside of you. The Boston cream donut is a powder keg of sweetness. It’s arguably my favorite donut in the entire city.

449 Central Avenue 


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