St. Pete ranked best city in Florida for work-life balance and mental health

St. Pete ranked best city in Florida for work-life balance and mental health

People in Vinoy Park during the day
Photo courtesy City of St. Pete

If you thought living in St. Pete was great, a new study shows that you are absolutely right. In a ranking of the nation’s 100 largest cities, St. Petersburg was determined to be the No. 1 city in the state of Florida for work-life balance and mental health, checking in at No. 18 overall in the entire country.

We say often that we live in paradise – and given the tourism accolades the city receives every year, it’s certainly true – but there’s plenty more that goes into creating a happy life. The ranking system put together by Coworking Café used wide range of factors to calculate the standings, including amount of green space and recreational amenities; air quality; work hours; income; affordability; remote working prevalence; commute times; and how many residents had health insurance.

While the overall trend the study discovered is that coastal and southern cities “fell behind in most aspects,” St. Pete was one of the few in both categories that saw a rise in rankings. St. Pete’s celebrated parks system, walkability, and award-winning waterfront and beaches certainly all help make it a happier and healthier place to live.

Four primary categories were weighted and then scored to assess the final rankings (on a scale of 1-100): mental health score (40% weight), affordability score (30%), remote work score (20%), and commute score (10%).

With an overall score of 65.3, St. Pete tallied 62 on mental health, 64 on affordability, 77 on remote work, and 59 on commute. The top city on the list was Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an overall score of 84.9. The next closest Florida city was Jacksonville at No. 25 overall and a score of 61.1. Neighboring Tampa checked in at No. 53 with a score of 49.8.

See the full rankings and an explanation of the scoring system here.


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