Beans & Barlour launching new pickle martini, no fooling

Beans & Barlour launching new pickle martini, no fooling

Pickle Martini

Beans & Barlour is the ‘Burg’s boozy dessert destination and it never fails to deliver wild sweet treats to residents. Owner Story Stuart also co-owns a restaurant supply company with her partner, Steve Bliven, and the pair gave out hundreds of rolls of free toilet paper to the community from their supply to fit a community need.

Now, it’s back to scintillating the sweet tooth. Beans & Barlour currently offers pints of boozy ice cream, and super sweet cocktails for curbside pickup. This effort has helped keep the Beans & Barlour staff working in a safe environment, while also offering the community a bright spot in an otherwise difficult time.


Their latest offering is a pickle martini. It was originally planned as an April Fools prank, but its manifested as a real menu item — and this blogger is glad for it.

Deliver this savory goodness directly into my veins. The pickle martini boozy pint will officially be available on April 2. You can order online direct from Beans & Barlour’s website for curbside pickup.

You can help support the amazing staff at Beans & Barlour during this time through gift card purchases. Spend $20 and get an extra $5. 25% of every $20 gift card will be given to the awesome Beans & Barlour staff to help cushion this hard time!

Follow Beans & Barlour on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new specials. They also serve up amazing custom ice cream cakes.


Beans & Barlour is located at 538 1st Avenue North.

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