Beans & Barlour will open new downtown St. Pete location next week

Beans & Barlour will open new downtown St. Pete location next week

Beans & Barlour will soft open in its new location at 407 Central Avenue on Tuesday, June 29. At the start, the boozy dessert bar, featuring fabulous grits bowls, bagels, Sammies, and coffee, will only open in the evening.

The first week of operation will be a return to form. Beans & Barlour will offer its beloved boozy shakes, pints, and dreamy dessert creations. After that point, the team will launch the hotly anticipated breakfast and brunch offerings.

A fresh grits bowl at Beans & Barlour

Beans & Barlour grows in downtown St. Pete

Owner Story Stuart has assembled a sweet and savory dream team to bring the concept to glittering life. Opening inside the historic Snell Arcade on the 400 Block of Central Avenue is no small task. In addition to opening a brand new location with an expanded menu, Stuart and her team also operate the mobile bar at Al Lang Stadium during Rowdies Matches, and have a space at Tropicana Field for our surging Rays.

Beans & Barlour brought an in-house baker on board, so prepare your taste buds for boozy creme brûlée, giant cookies, and more confections.

As with their original location, vegan options are in abundance. The grits are made with avocado butter, so the southern staple is also vegan-friendly.

Teased toppings for the glorious grits include:

Pork bacon
Turkey sausage
Vegan sausage
Poached egg
Braised collards
Warm Brussels sprout slaw 
Roasted mushrooms 
Sautéed peppers and onions 
Garlic confit
Fresh spinach
Marinated tomatoes 
Thin sliced red onion 
House made pickles
Vegan roasted garlic Dijon aioli
Sriracha maple syrup 
Green goddess 

Thank you to Jenni Parrish for providing the details. Parrish will head up the grits program at Beans & Barlour, and you can follow their culinary creative process on @thegritsgirl on Instagram.

The Beans & Barlour Staff inside the new Snell Arcade Space

Activating the Historic Snell Arcade

Story and her team are creating something of an oasis within the historic Snell Arcade with ample seating for families and pups. Speaking of pups…

Story also launched a new Instagram account called Beans and Barklour to celebrate the new location’s puppy window. Keep up with the latest teasers by following Beans & Barlour on Instagram and its website.

The new puppy window at Beans & Barlour

“For the first time ever, we will be able to be open for daytime coffee and breakfast service…we will be expanding our authentic NY bagel menu to include affordable breakfast sandwiches and catering options,” wrote Story Stuart in an email to I Love the ‘Burg when the new location was announced. “We will be moving production offsite to a new production space for wholesale customers and new locations to be announced later this year.”

I Love the ‘Burg Art Director Ysanne Taylor was able to visit the new space and sample the new Beans & Barlour grits bowl ahead of the concept’s official debut. Taylor, born and raised in Florida, said, and I quote, “the grits were hella good.”

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