Beacon ER, St. Pete’s first 24/7, 365-day emergency vet clinic opening on 4th Street

Beacon ER, St. Pete’s first 24/7, 365-day emergency vet clinic opening on 4th Street

Doctors with pets at a vet clinic

Whether it’s Christmas Eve, Sunday morning, or just a random Wednesday afternoon, pet owners need help when emergencies strike, no matter the time of day or place on the calendar. Thankfully, a new veterinary hospital in St. Pete is ready to fill the community’s need.

Beacon Emergency Veterinary Hospital, located at 2909 4th Street North, is opening on February 13 as St. Pete’s first 24/7, 365 emergency veterinary hospital. The locally owned and operated clinic was born from the increasing need for a 24/7 emergency pet hospital, and importantly, one staffed with an experienced and emergency-focused veterinary team.

As the landscape both locally and nationwide trends toward corporate ownership and farmed out services, we celebrate the places that keep it local. After all, it’s those local touches, and the dependability of someone you know, that pet owners want when their dogs or cats are in need.

And that personal touch is at the core of Beacon’s ethos, where the entire team is committed to the idea of not only providing excellent medical care, but also “tending to the comfort of the humans that make pet ownership so special.” The clinic is open for walk-in critical care all day every day, no matter the situation, with a qualified team on hand at all times to provide necessary medical care. Some of the services available include more than a dozen diagnostic tests, from bloodwork and urinalysis to X-rays and ultrasounds, as well as hospitalization, surgery, and end of life care.


Whether owners want to drop off their pet and pick them up later, or want to stay by their side through it all, Beacon works with patients to ensure the pets and their human counterparts are both comfortable and happy.

And at all times, there are trained veterinarians, nurses and assistants on hand who are skilled and proficient with emergent surgical procedures, providing around-the-clock supportive care, and who are able to perform critical care procedures and treatments no matter the time of day.

As part of their approach to always being available, no appointment is ever needed. Pet parents are able to check-in online, if they like, or may come straight to the hospital for immediate care. From there, pet and human alike will be guided comfortably through every step of the process.

“Pets are part of the family, and we deeply value this beautiful bond. We are committed to providing a transparent and compassionate emergency veterinary experience,” Beacon ER says. “The comfort of your pet and the family that loves them (you) is our top priority.

“We make every effort to keep you and your pet connected throughout the visit and during their hospital stay,” Beacon says. “We encourage visiting with your pet, while in our care, at any time. We are happy to give phone updates, text photos and even facetime with you and your pet while in hospital. Please, speak to your dedicated hospital team on how we can make you and your pet most comfortable during our time together.”

Learn more about Beacon ER at, or if you have an emergency, give them a call any day and any time at 727-619-4800. Or, just stop in and their friendly team will take you care of you immediately.


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