Barbouni, a new tinned fish restaurant and raw bar, debuts next to Baba in St. Pete

Barbouni, a new tinned fish restaurant and raw bar, debuts next to Baba in St. Pete

Exterior of a restaurant with a white awning
Outside Baba and Barbouni in the Grand Central District of St. Pete | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Baba is one of the most beloved restaurants in St. Pete. Their dreamy, shaded patio, lush garden, and overall decor make a transformative experience for diners. Owners Debbie and George Sayegh have been supporting the culinary scene here in the Sunshine City for more than 10 years, and their innovation and commitment to their roots is amplified with the debut of Barbouni, a quaint 9-seat restaurant and raw bar with 48+ tin fish to choose from.

“There’s really nothing like it here in St. Pete,” said Debbie Sayegh, owner of Baba, Barbouni, Bodega and Bar Chica. “Barbouni is a little red mullet, and it’s something we eat often in Greece.” Barbouni officially opened the first weekend of March in the Grand Central District. For the Sayegh’s, opening Baba, and now Barbouni is something of a gift to their parents, and a celebration of their roots.

An assortment of Tin Fish available at Barbouni | Photo via @barbouniatbaba

Guests at Barbouni will have a front row seat as chefs shuck oysters at the raw bar. It’s the perfect type of “dinner and a show.” The team has also helped convert part of the outdoor garden area into extra seating for Barbouni.

“We opened Baba for our family,” said Debbie Sayegh. She, along with George, opened Bodega, a casual latin restaurant, 10 years ago in the EDGE District of St. Pete. The EDGE District of 2013 is far from the neighborhood we know today. After experiencing the wild success and growth of Bodega, both George and Debbie wanted to craft a finer dining establishment.


“It’s a nod to our parents, and a taste of home for us,” adds Debbie Sayegh. “Our goal has always been to open restaurants that we want to eat at, and we’re happy so many people have wanted to eat with us, too.”

For now, Barbouni will operate during the weekends as the staff works out the kinks and gets more familiar with the menu. Eventually it will operate during the same hours as Baba. Typical tinned fish include tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, and trout.

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2701 Central Ave


Bodega, be aware that the restaurant will celebrate its 10th anniversary in St. Pete on Wednesday, March 15 with $5 Cuban sandwiches all day long.

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